A snapshot of LDC

Lucy Belton from YWAM Carlisle is at Seamill for her Leadership Development Course (LDC) and has also been generous enough to do a guest blog for us based on her LDC experience so far.

Just over a 2 weeks ago a bunch of people descended on the base here at Seamill to embark on a 6-week journey together known as the Leadership Development Course, the LDC. With participants from all sorts of nations, central Asia to the USA, France to the Philippines this group had gathered to seek refreshment, time with Jesus, invaluable input and encouragement.

So far my main thought over the past 10 days has been one of what an incredible place and space this is to be. To be amongst such an incredible group, but more so, to be walking with some of the wisest and most mature people who are here to purely invest in us is a remarkable privilege.

This place is truly unique and we are seeing God restore and confirm who he has made us to be, to stand with new confidence in our strengths, gifting and abilities, as well as to look at the practical outworking of leading a team. One revelation I have had is that the very nature of being a team allows God to draw us together, because in that place we are stronger. If we can shed our need for independence, especially for us westerners, and align with being part of team and community there is incredible strength and greater effectiveness and fulfilment for all of us.

“A leader is a leader of others because he has learnt to lead himself.”

The LDC team will be hosting our August Open Evening in a couple of weeks, make sure you get along to hear more encouraging stories and see how God wants to develop your leadership gifting!