Abigail Geiger | October 2013 DTS | Cambodia Testimony

AbigailDuring DTS God really began to challenge my view of his love for me. I had viewed myself as second best for many years and it took the whole lecture phase for him to dig out the root of that and set me free.

That freedom came on the last week of lecture phase and I left for outreach right after that, wondering where God was going to go from there. In the next few weeks I found out. He began to build, almost from square one, a whole new understanding of what his love really looked like and who I was to him. It was an amazing experience and our last week in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he asked me to take that knowledge and spread it. Our leader told us we would have two opportunities that weekend to teach to women who had recently been rescued from the sex industry. The teaching subjects had already been decided, the first was to be about God’s love and the second Faith.

As soon as she told us I knew that God wanted to me to speak about his love. This was a bit of a stretch for me, since I had never taught before. But with a little help from one of our leaders and a lot of support and guidance from God I was able to step out of my comfort zone and taught the small home group. It was an amazing experience to bring the wonderful reality of God’s love to women for whom the whole concept of love had become so warped. I was so blessed by the time and am looking forwards to the next time that I have the chance to tell people about how my God loves me!

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