About His abundance


In this blog post Rebekka from Germany reflects on worshipping God through nature and how beautiful He has made creation. 

A few weeks ago, during our worship time, the whole Seamill Community walked around the base thanking God for what He has given to us in this place. Such a heavenly gift! The grounds of our over 100 year old building are surrounded by a big beautiful garden with lots of different trees (even protected ones) and lovely flowers. And then there is the view of the sea with the mountains of the “Isle of Arran” in the background… Every single time that I walk through our garden I feel like I am coming back into God’s paradise.

DSC_0159It only takes five to ten minutes to get to the sea, which means that you can easily go to a different place even during shorter breaks. I usually go to the seaside every day and it is never the same. It amazes me how God changes little details every day – from big stormy waves to still, shiny and shimmery waters. Often when the evening comes all of us would just stare out of the windows to watch the sun setting behind the mountains. The colours we get to see are better than any photo could ever show. Another spectacle is when the first snow falls down and it lightly sprinkles the tops of the mountains of “Arran”. In these ways God shows me more of his beauty each and every day.

IMG_6577IMG_6569IMG_6588And all of that is still not enough for God to give to us. On the other side of the building there is a beautiful walkway through the glen with a peaceful burn that flows right along the trees, which are now coloured in red and orange and you can see lots of little grey squirrels hopping around.

As with the walk along the beach, this is another way where I find it very easy to connect with God and talk to him intimately. I can never get enough of his abundant creativity that He has put into nature.

Thank you so much, Jesus!