Responding to God’s word

What do you do when you are given a prophetic word? Ian Matchett describes one way to partner with a prophetic word.

In James 1v22 it says “ Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

We are taking inspiration from this verse this year in regard to some of the prophetic words God has spoken to us. For example, in a community time a few weeks ago we listened to a prophetic word given by Emma Stark from the Glasgow Prophetic Centre. She lists 4 key points, the first of which was that this year is to be “a year of honey”. The key Scripture was from Psalm 81v16 “with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”. 

In her message, Emma describes how God led her to purchase a cushion with a bee on it as a visual reminder of the word He had given. This was to remind her to activate the word, to not let it just sit on a shelf and be a nice phrase, but to pray for it, to ask God for it, to choose to believe it every time she saw the cushion. 

Last week we asked God if there were any action steps for us to take individually to act on this word. I had the impression that I was to take a small taste of honey every day, and because I know myself, I immediately made a reminder on my phone for 7 am every day to take a taste of honey! Now, I do admit that I am a morning person, I do enjoy getting up early and starting my day when the rest of the house is quiet. However, we also have just added a puppy to our family and he is enjoying the middle of the night as well as mornings a lot more than I am at present! This means that when I do get up I am exhausted. 

So the first few days I was on autopilot going to the cupboard, taking the honey out and taking a taste. As I did so, God spoke; “I am your delight today”. In the place of my rock (exhaustion), God gave me honey (Himself). Since then I have been so aware to take the honey in faith, not just as a repetitive action. I am being reminded daily I am satisfied in Him, that no matter what I face He is with me and will satisfy me. 

I encourage you to look at the words that God has given you and continue the dialogue with Him to see if there are any practical steps for you to take in order to partner with His word to see it happen. 

Hebrews 4v2 challenges us with “the message they heard was of no value to them, because they did not share the faith of those who obeyed”. Let us be a people who share the faith of those who obey, to walk in the promise of what God speaks to us.

To listen to the message from Emma Stark go to Glasgow Prophetic Centre Youtube channel

Please get in touch to tell us how you have responded to God’s word.

I will be still

När havet blåser upp
När åskan går
Så är jag trygg hos dig,
Ditt ord består
Du som stillar stormen
Kom med frid.
Du är min Gud för evig tid.

Gabriella Lindvall has been a Mission Builder with YWAM Seamill for the last 6 weeks during which we there were plenty of beds to make, rooms to clean and food to prepare. We have been incredibly blessed by her, through her service, love and her sense of humour and joy! As her time draws to a close she has written a reflective blog for us, contemplating what God was doing in her life as she gave her time and service to Him.

My name is Gabriella and I’m from Sweden. When I came to Seamill 6 weeks ago, I believed I was ready to serve the Lord in whatever way I could. What I didn’t realize was that God would be doing a work in me, as well.

Coming to Seamill has helped me realize that even if you think you have put certain things behind you that might not be the case. Being in this place has helped me process through old pains well, and I received so much more. God has helped me let go and has given me a gift of peace and calm.

One of my favourite places in Seamill is the beach. The view is beautiful and it brings me a sense of peace. It’s the place I go to take a walk when I need to think or just to enjoy the view of the Isle of Arran and the water.

This place and the amazing people on the base give a feeling of well being, which reminds me that after a storm there can be sunshine.

It also makes me think of a song called Still. At the top, you can see it in Swedish. It’s a song that I’ve listened to a lot and it’s about how God stills the storm, brings calmness and will always be our God.

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father you are King over the flood

I will be still, know You are God

From mission builder through DTS to full-time staff

Rebekka joined us in 2012 as a Mission Builder, she decided to come back to do a DTS, then on to a 2 year staff journey. It is never easy to say goodbye to the wonderful people God brings our way, but testimonies like this give us the perspective we need to know it is worthwhile. 

It all started with the three week long mission building in 2012. I had no idea where I was coming into! I just wanted to improve my English in an English speaking community. I didn’t really have a relationship with God at that time but I think it was always one of the greatest desires on my heart – to get to know him personally and to experience that He is the living God! I had no idea how or what to do about that but He obviously did.

God answered me.

At first I was almost more jealous, seeing all the people in Seamill having experienced God in their own lives and having a deep relationship with Him. I realised though, that there must be more and that it is possible to experience God in your own life!

I remember that I started crying (which I didn’t often do at that time) at the airport after I left Seamill after those three weeks, and I wondered why… I think it was because I had felt His presence so strongly in the community. From then, I always wanted to come back to that place!

During my DTS in 2014, God opened my eyes and ears to read and understand his Word, which I never really did beforehand. The first weekend we were given homework where we had to read a few chapters in John. I was almost scared to read it and not being able to understand it again. I went to sit on a bench outside and started reading. It was like scales fell off my eyes. I remember getting so excited about understanding the Bible that I just wanted to run through the whole garden!

And then I realised that this is the ground that I can build my relationship on and learn more about God even if I am not in Seamill anymore. 

After we finished DTS I felt that my time at Seamill was still not done yet!

When I told my parents it was the craziest thing to them to still not go to a university or get an apprenticeship done. Plus, raising your own support was a very foreign concept to them… but during a conversation we had had shortly after DTS, God completely changed their perspectives so that they eventually truly blessed me in going again.

Living on base as a staff member still brought so much transformation into my but also my families life.  My mum read the book: “Is that really you God?“, more than three times and gave it away to several people in our community and my sister gave it away among her friends. They all started listening to God’s voice more and more and formed a team within the community that mainly meets to come before God to wait for what He has to say. They called it “Team Vision”

My Dad once said to me: “Rebekka, I think our whole family was saved through you being in Seamill!” And I don’t want to exaggerate or be prideful about that, but there were lots of struggles and battles in the last few years within our family and I think through me living in the community, surrounded by so many people filled with faith, as well as our constant and set apart times to worship God, He was able to still bring hope and faith into our family when we didn’t see how to move on anymore.

So I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to Seamill and for you all as my brothers and sisters, that walked with me in prayer and faith and hope and love!

I think I truly was able to experience so much of God’s kingdom through the community, and I was also made me unfold more and more into the person that God has made me to be!


To start your Seamill journey, get in touch:


God…. this is your shot…

Josh strode into our DTS ready to see what God would do, if anything. After years of living as a Christian without really meeting God, DTS was a last ditched effort…

“God, if you’re real and you care, I need you. This is your shot…” Nine months removed from the man who prayed those words I look back at that stranger and wonder – what specifically happened? I know God began to answer his hearts cry. In a thousand broken moments – in peace or heart ache – spoke a still small voice that threatened to undo me… and eventually did.

And while God, and God alone, was the Saviour in the turmoil of my soul I must tell you of the community who walked with me during that tough, yet life-giving, season. I wouldn’t be the same man today if not for the passionate, honest community who were hungry for Christ, and Christ alone. Open and unapologetically laid bare about who they were, their lack of pretence putting into focus a desire for authenticity that, until then, I hadn’t seen manifest. Even their programs and efforts were simply a vehicle to follow Jesus wherever he may lead.

They also sowed a redemption of previous hurts. Christians, as it turns out, are – like me – fallible flesh and blood. But here I have seen that flesh and blood call itself nothing more than what it is as it moves to incarnationally imitate Christ… In this place I have known love. With all that said, today, as I leave this place I see a tough road ahead. But for the first time this side of adulthood it is a road laden with hope, and I’m not alone on it. I desire the source of the fragrance I have experienced here.

“You have said ‘seek my face.’ My heart says to you, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek.”

Walking with the Lord

A revelation from one of our community:

Believe me, I’ve heard this expression many times in my Christian life. However, I actually never had a clue of what it would look like to walk with the Lord. I feel like recently I got to a bigger understanding of what is means and I would love to share about that!

As I sat down last week to have silent time with the Lord, God told me to read Ephesians 5, so I did. A few paragraphs of the chapter really stood out to me, and I discovered they were all about walking:

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” (Verse 1-2)

Walk as children of light, for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true, and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord.” (Verse 8-9)

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of time, because the days are evil. (…) Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with our heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father.(…) ”(Verse 15-20)

Jesus came to the earth to show the life that God wants us to live. Through the Word we know what Jesus did, so now we can be like Him. God wants us to walk with love, because that is what Jesus did. As we do that, we bring light into darkness, for God Himself who lives in us, is the light and we are His children.

To me walking with God means continuously wondering what pleases Him and sharing His love to people, always and everywhere. It’s about bringing constant thanksgiving to the One who’s worthy of it all. It’s about trusting Him in the small things of life, not only the big events. I believe that is what walking with Him really looks like. We do need wisdom and the Holy Spirit in this but fortunately God is more than willing to give us those when we ask for it!

I want to finish with a quote that I recently read, which I cannot get out of my head ever since. It helped me to realise what an honour it is to serve the Highest King and even walk with Him! I hope and pray that it will inspire you as well, and I bless you all with excitement in discovering what walking with the Lord means to you.

“If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honour, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?” – Livingstone

When God says YES

In this blog Taylor, one of our precious staff, shares about how God has brought her to Scotland and how He has been working in her and using her passions and dreams to bless others ever since.

“At younger age, I thought I’d become a publishing editor. However, when I asked Jesus what He wanted me to, He told me to become a missionary. When God says yes, I’m too grateful to say no. He has done so much for me, obedience is an important thing in my life.” Taylor (26).

“After my brother came back from his honeymoon, I had no place to stay anymore. A friend suggested that I do a DTS with YWAM for the summer. I was under the impression that it would just be an easy couple of months with the additional bonus of growing in God. Few years later I’m still with YWAM in Seamill, Scotland. The best thing about this place is the kind and welcoming culture that is over Scotland. You can go around without knowing anyone and get invited for a cup of tea. There is something about sitting down and having a nice cuppa and enjoying each other’s company, which is absolutely the best. I love making connections and inspiring others with what God is doing here in Scotland.

Currently I’m working with a few ministries as Shine Outreach in Edinburgh, the world’s largest performing festival from theatre to music to multi media arts. I love creative arts and I’m still developing my passion for it. I like writing and sculpting and although I haven’t really done that much, I’m pretty sure God can use my passions in the mission’s field. I’m also working to bring more of a family atmosphere in regards to our community kitchen. When I came on staff here, I worked in the kitchen a lot. The first six months were really hard. I didn’t know how everything worked and we were late for dinner quite a few times. Still I knew God wanted me to be there. I wasn’t sure why until two years later when I saw I had grown a lot in those years. God has been making me stronger during those years so I can handle all the things that I’m dealing with now. He has been using the past few years to grow my strength and endurance. Now I see Him opening new doors for me!

God gives me joy and excitement for changes I can feel are coming. He has made me go beyond my expectations to see my heart dreams come true. I’m so excited about Shine that is coming up, and I will see where God wants me to go from there! As long as God wants me to be in Scotland, my dream is to help people here come to a full restoration of their own identity in Christ through revelation of His love. Being part of that is a great honour.”


In the final blog from our intern Marieke, she reflects on her time with us and what God has done in her and through her.


That’s what you are


Tho’ near or far”

I love looking back on the past few months. Bringing up memories, reflecting on my growth, giving thanks for all the great people I’ve met; it gives me so much joy. But on the other hand, realising this is coming to an end is quite sad too.

The other day, one of my friends and I were talking about what I will miss most. I came to the conclusion that I will miss having passionate Christians all around me the most. I’m going to miss the moments of worship that we shared as a community, simply being one in praising the Almighty God.

The past half a year I definitely discovered that God is a Great Giver, a God of abundance, a God who loves His children unimaginably much. I feel truly blessed, I received way more than I could ever hope or imagine. He gave me new friendships which I know will last forever. He taught me things about myself and because of that I now feel peaceful and confident about myself and who I am in Him. He worked on my heart for communications by showing His heart for it. He even gave me more love for Scotland. I think the best thing He gave me though, is new future perspectives. I chose that I want to live the adventurous life by partnering with God and I’m super excited to see what that would look like! As we like to say it here at Seamill: “Bring it on!”

God has given me so much more passion for life in general. He showed me what it is to walk with Him and how life can be full of awesome surprises when you dare to let go of control and trust Him in all things. That’s where the fun stuff happens; in complete surrender to God.

Before I wrap up my goodbye blog, I want to honour my Comms Team mates. They have been such a big part of my journey and God has definitely used them in making my time so unforgettable. They have shown what servant leadership looks like and I’ve been so inspired by them. Through their passion for communications I experienced communications in a different way. Thank you Comms Team for being awesome and such good friends to me! Thank you Seamill community for welcoming me into the family. You are all amazing radical world changers and I love you all radically much!

Participants blog: Janaya’s reflections on week 1 of SWS

Janaya has joined YWAM Seamill for a 6-week course called the School of the Word and Spirit, an immersive Bible experience, where the Story and Spirit who inspired the Story, come alive in new and fresh ways. This is her first taste of any YWAM environment, never mind Seamill, so we asked her to write about her experience so far…

I didn’t know exactly what to expect for this 6-week seminar, yet I was desperately hoping that 6 weeks in the Bible and in the Spirit would be a transformational experience. I had been praying this past year for a way to grow deeper with God and He has lead me here to Seamill to be a part of School of the Word and Spirit. I am blown away by God’s answer to my prayer that has brought me to a place I couldn’t have imagined existed. 

I am a week and a half into the program and God has already revealed a tremendous amount to me of who He is and who I am because of Him. I am expectant that He will continue to amaze me in the upcoming weeks. Some of the revelation has been heavy, some convicting and some simply refreshing. I am being reminded of the immense power of God’s Word and the privilege it is to be able to read and know this living book.

I have received revelation that I am the righteousness of God. The righteousness OF GOD. Whoa. Because Christ died in my place, I am not only forgiven, but I am free of condemnation, I am righteous, I am purified, I am guiltless, I am shameless, I have a new identity, I am delighted in. I have heard this message a few times in various forms, yet last week when Spirit guided me into this truth, every part of this CAME ALIVE. This truth has overwhelmed me with God’s love and goodness.

I am deeply grateful that God heard my cry and provided this time for me to explore Him within a trusting community, gain fresh insights about His word, and practice stepping into my new identity through Jesus Christ.

Characteristics of community living #5: It’s not weird, just different…

I used to say the word ‘weird’ a lot. In all kinds of situations. Here I wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible because every time I used the word ‘weird’, people would say, semi-joking: ‘no, not weird; different!’ Being with YWAM means being surrounded by different cultures and that means being confronted with things that are not ‘normal’ to you. I love it!

We have people on our base from all over the world: from Japan to Australia, from Canada to Germany. And then there is me, the Dutch one. I have learned things about cultures I have never been connected with. It’s fascinating to see how there are differences in how people eat their food, how they celebrate birthdays, how they make jokes, what they value in conversations or what they think is rude or awkward. Being out of my own country for a longer time really opened my eyes. My worldview has broadened enormously and I’m way more culturally aware than ever before. It’s crazy that an only one and a half hour flight can take me here, into this place of multiple cultures, languages and habits. I can hardly imagine how much more of other cultures is still to be discovered!

I have come to this place where I’m not only more aware of other cultures, but also of my own. I notice things in my culture about which I now wonder: why is that, why do we do that? I loved hearing people say that they enjoy my Dutch directness. I also remember people’s confused faces when I said ‘congratulations!’ on their birthdays. Weirdly enough, that’s just how we say it. And that one time when we walked through the glen and I was hysterically enthusiastic about seeing a squirrel. No one, surprisingly, shared my joy. I discovered in North America squirrels are basically vermin. Well, now you know that it’s really special for a Dutch person to see a squirrel. We don’t have that many. I was really surprised though to hear that our Australian guy saw a hedgehog here for the first time in his life. And apparently in Japan everybody knows each other’s blood type! I don’t even know my own. It fascinates me. At least I wouldn’t say it’s weird anymore. Just really different.

Revelations on Communication: Jesus Christ our Brand

Marieke de Klerk is working on a communication internship at Seamill, from her studies in Holland. Here she shares some thoughts and a major revelation she has had during her time with us.

About a year ago I decided I absolutely did not want to devote my future to communications. I just came out of a season in which I had a negative experience with communications. Now that I’ve been working in communications for YWAM Seamill for a while, I have received a totally refreshed vision.

One thing that caused my slightly negative vision on communications, was people’s opinions about my study. ‘Communications – that’s the study you pick when you have no clue what to do with your life.’ Or: ‘Communications – aren’t those the people who just make flyers and answer the phone all day?’ Not many times I felt taken seriously with the study I do. At some point I didn’t even take myself seriously anymore.

My time with YWAM so far has been a time of redemption of my negative association with communications. I learned a lot about the importance of communication, how it can actually contribute to the organisation’s mission and even inspire and encourage people. Of course I knew this already, but I now realise I never fully believed it.

I got the privilege of meeting people in YWAM with a great passion for communications. Their enthusiasm really gave my vision a good boost. During a recent course I followed in Branding, Marketing and Strategy, I had a huge revelation. Our communications job in YWAM is to represent Christ. We want people to associate YWAM with Jesus and vice versa. Jesus is the reason YWAM exists, He is the core of our identity. Our job is to show that to people, and communications is one way to do that. What an honour it is to be Jesus’ brand ambassadors!

I think it’s time for me to take my job more seriously and remember who I do it for. I need to focus on the heart of God and not let me stop by what the world says about my profession. With all the revelations God gave me and the new vision that has been developed in my heart, I’m ready to impact the world with the task I’ve been given.


Do you want to be part of our Communications Team and change the world with your creative skills? E-mail us for information, we’d love to tell you more!

YWAM Foundational Value 18. Communicate with integrity
YWAM affirms that everything exists because God communicates. Therefore, YWAM is committed to truthful, accurate, timely and relevant communication. We believe good communication is essential for strong relationships, healthy families and communities, and effective ministry.

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