Boldness and stepping out

Boldness and stepping out – guest blog from Daniel Wickstrom of YWAM Cambridge

Though I am a bold man, I am a very simple man. So, when Jesus reveals to me that a total stranger has pain in her back because one leg is shorter than the other and that I am going to pray for it and He’s going to grow it out, my reaction is generally what any of ours would be: “Jesus you’re absolutely mad!!”

This week our team from YWAM Cambridge joined up with the Seamill DTS to do a week of evangelism training with a fiery man named Yan Nicholls. On the final night of our time together we went to Maryhill in Glasgow, where a Destiny Church team were doing some outreach just before they officially plant a new church. It was really a blessing to get to come alongside them and sow more into the city with them. So before we went out, in proper YWAM fashion, we prayed and asked God for pictures and people to speak to, then set off into this city with one aim: to bring the Kingdom of God in Maryhill.

My partner Annika and I had a few really great conversations with people throughout the night, just loving on them and praying for them, and we were actually on our way back when God highlighted this woman to me. Now, you have to get the scene. It was dark and gloomy but Annika and I had this fiery sense of joy and attentiveness about us. We passed through a street that was dark and led to a small courtyard with one streetlight in the middle. Just under that street light was a cluster of dumpsters and this small, hooded woman sitting on a low wall next to them, as if she was trying to find warmth under this light. If that’s not an opportunity to encourage someone, I don’t know what is. And on top of that God said to go and speak with her. So that’s what we did.

We started the conversation perfectly simply, “Hiya! How are you doing tonight, are you okay?” Her reply reflected her posture, it was quiet, weak and sad sounding, “Yeah, not great at all actually.” From that point we asked her why and she told us her story of addictions, family deaths, and bad relationships up to the one that she was currently in. She had just come to sit under this light and try to sort out what her life was heading to, and couldn’t figure out why she didn’t feel like herself. Her once felt childhood freedom and joy had somehow been broken. God gave Annika the most amazing word of encouragement for this woman and we shared the Gospel and hope of Jesus with her for a while before Annika asked if she could pray for her. The next thing I know I’m seeing the most beautiful outpouring of the Fathers love happen before my eyes. Annika grabbed this woman’s hands, locked eyes with her and started declaring truth and life over her. “God loves you, He loves loves loves you, His heart is for you and He is with you. He is breaking the chains off of you forever.” Now Annika is starting to tear up with passion and she has burst into tears as the intensity of Gods love is sinking into her.

All of this is happening, and it was at this moment that the Holy Spirit nudges me and says that she’s got back pain and tells me it’s because one of her legs is shorter than the other. Now, I’m not super human, and I’m not the “perfect Christian”, but like I said I am simple and I am bold in Him. I knew that it was God speaking and had the craziest assurance that this was going to happen. So I asked her, “Hey how’s that pain in your back? It’s been hurting you hasn’t it?” She looked at me really surprised and said how strange it was that I knew that and confirmed that when she walked she got terrible, shocking pains up her back. “Right,” I said, “that’s because one of your legs is shorter than the other.” “Yeah I do walk funny! How did you know that?” she exclaimed. All I said is that God loved her enough to let me know that so that He could heal it, and I asked if I could pray for her and see her leg get fixed. She happily said yes! So we walked over to a bench and sure enough one of her legs was about an inch shorter. Right then and there I prayed powerfully in Jesus name and commanded that that leg come out and grow. As I prayed it slowly began to creep out towards the longer one. Annika and I both watched as it grew! Then when it was perfectly level with the other leg it told it to stop and the woman saw that they were both the same length! “I feel really light and really tingly!” She said. “JESUS JUST GREW OUT YOUR LEG!” was all we could say, “CAUSE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH.” In her face was this expression of awe and bewilderment but just as we were about to go on and explain her boyfriend called her away and she had to leave. But when she got up, she skipped and ran toward him. Then she turned and shouted, “It feels good!!”

Fortunately before she left, we were able to give her a small flyer with the church plants information on it that, funny enough, was for a healing service. She said she was very interested to go. The long and short of it is, that simple boldness in obedience to Gods voice will change lives.

It has been a blessing to join up with YWAM Seamill this week and I know we will be seeing more of this on the streets of Cambridge when we return.

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