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From mission builder through DTS to full-time staff

Rebekka joined us in 2012 as a Mission Builder, she decided to come back to do a DTS, then on to a 2 year staff journey. It is never easy to say goodbye to the wonderful people God brings our way, but testimonies like this give us the perspective we need to know it is worthwhile. 

It all started with the three week long mission building in 2012. I had no idea where I was coming into! I just wanted to improve my English in an English speaking community. I didn’t really have a relationship with God at that time but I think it was always one of the greatest desires on my heart – to get to know him personally and to experience that He is the living God! I had no idea how or what to do about that but He obviously did.

God answered me.

At first I was almost more jealous, seeing all the people in Seamill having experienced God in their own lives and having a deep relationship with Him. I realised though, that there must be more and that it is possible to experience God in your own life!

I remember that I started crying (which I didn’t often do at that time) at the airport after I left Seamill after those three weeks, and I wondered why… I think it was because I had felt His presence so strongly in the community. From then, I always wanted to come back to that place!

During my DTS in 2014, God opened my eyes and ears to read and understand his Word, which I never really did beforehand. The first weekend we were given homework where we had to read a few chapters in John. I was almost scared to read it and not being able to understand it again. I went to sit on a bench outside and started reading. It was like scales fell off my eyes. I remember getting so excited about understanding the Bible that I just wanted to run through the whole garden!

And then I realised that this is the ground that I can build my relationship on and learn more about God even if I am not in Seamill anymore. 

After we finished DTS I felt that my time at Seamill was still not done yet!

When I told my parents it was the craziest thing to them to still not go to a university or get an apprenticeship done. Plus, raising your own support was a very foreign concept to them… but during a conversation we had had shortly after DTS, God completely changed their perspectives so that they eventually truly blessed me in going again.

Living on base as a staff member still brought so much transformation into my but also my families life.  My mum read the book: “Is that really you God?“, more than three times and gave it away to several people in our community and my sister gave it away among her friends. They all started listening to God’s voice more and more and formed a team within the community that mainly meets to come before God to wait for what He has to say. They called it “Team Vision”

My Dad once said to me: “Rebekka, I think our whole family was saved through you being in Seamill!” And I don’t want to exaggerate or be prideful about that, but there were lots of struggles and battles in the last few years within our family and I think through me living in the community, surrounded by so many people filled with faith, as well as our constant and set apart times to worship God, He was able to still bring hope and faith into our family when we didn’t see how to move on anymore.

So I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to Seamill and for you all as my brothers and sisters, that walked with me in prayer and faith and hope and love!

I think I truly was able to experience so much of God’s kingdom through the community, and I was also made me unfold more and more into the person that God has made me to be!


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God…. this is your shot…

Josh strode into our DTS ready to see what God would do, if anything. After years of living as a Christian without really meeting God, DTS was a last ditched effort…

“God, if you’re real and you care, I need you. This is your shot…” Nine months removed from the man who prayed those words I look back at that stranger and wonder – what specifically happened? I know God began to answer his hearts cry. In a thousand broken moments – in peace or heart ache – spoke a still small voice that threatened to undo me… and eventually did.

And while God, and God alone, was the Saviour in the turmoil of my soul I must tell you of the community who walked with me during that tough, yet life-giving, season. I wouldn’t be the same man today if not for the passionate, honest community who were hungry for Christ, and Christ alone. Open and unapologetically laid bare about who they were, their lack of pretence putting into focus a desire for authenticity that, until then, I hadn’t seen manifest. Even their programs and efforts were simply a vehicle to follow Jesus wherever he may lead.

They also sowed a redemption of previous hurts. Christians, as it turns out, are – like me – fallible flesh and blood. But here I have seen that flesh and blood call itself nothing more than what it is as it moves to incarnationally imitate Christ… In this place I have known love. With all that said, today, as I leave this place I see a tough road ahead. But for the first time this side of adulthood it is a road laden with hope, and I’m not alone on it. I desire the source of the fragrance I have experienced here.

“You have said ‘seek my face.’ My heart says to you, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek.”

Staffing DTS: Alex’s testimony


So, what is that like, staffing a DTS?

“I totally believe in DTS and what is stands for, seeing the power of God working through the trainees. I would definitely staff one again, without a doubt!”

Alex is one of the Canadians at YWAM Seamill. He did his Discipleship Training School in 2014 with us and right after that he applied to join our community, and he is still with us! Since Alex is a part of the Seamill team, he has staffed two DTS’s. We asked him to share something about what it’s like to lead a group of trainees that are hungry for God.

“During the outreach of my own DTS I felt a calling to missions. I wanted to know more about it and I felt like Seamill would be a great place for me to do that. I wanted to be part of the staff to learn more, to disciple people and to help on base where ever I could.”

After he went home from DTS, Alex received an email from the base to ask him if he wanted to pray about considering staffing the next DTS. God gave him a ‘yes’ so that’s what he did! The DTS staff adventure began…

“When I came back the school started right away. It was really challenging. It’s one thing to be on a DTS but it’s a whole other world staffing one. It’s a really rewarding experience to see the major changes in the individuals that are participating in the school that you’re staffing. I can just stand back amazed, looking at these trainees being totally transformed, the same way as I look at mountains. I can see God’s beautiful creation in them.”

Staffing a DTS makes you grow in leadership a lot. You’re not only leading a DTS, you’re also leading yourself. In the lecture phase of a DTS, you’re pursuing knowing God and growing in your knowledge of Him. Then there is the outreach phase where you get to plan your own outreach.

“I planned an outreach to Central Asia. We started praying for our outreach location months ahead of time: what we would do, what it would look like and who we would connect with. It is so cool to finally see all of that happen, it’s like a dream coming true. However, outreach always looks different once you’re there. You simply cannot predict group dynamics, cultural dynamics and how it would be like to work with your host and different organisations. It’s an incredible experience.”

Both participating in and staffing a DTS gives you a new global and intercultural perspective. You become best friends with a person who is not from the same country as you are. There are speakers coming in with different cultural backgrounds, sharing from their hearts and perspective on a culture or nation. On outreach you see another new culture and you’re being shaped again.

“DTS really changed my life and my hope was for God to move with the same power and might as He did in my DTS in the lives of the trainees of the DTS I was staffing. The greatest thing I have seen God doing in the DTS I staffed, was giving the trainees a heart for the nations and maybe missions specifically even more.”

Over the years Alex has been working with different DTS’s and he learned a lot. Staffing a DTS is a lot of hard work and a lot of growth but also a lot of fun. When we asked Alex what he’d like to share with future DTS staff about his experiences, this is what he replied:

“Ask for Gods heart in terms of cultivating your relationship with Him and allow everything else to flow out of that. Allow that love that you get from the Father to flow into your relationships with the staff, your leaders, the trainees, the location of your outreach and the people you meet. Just pursue the heart of the Father as much as you can.”

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DTS Reflection Part 4: Altars

The fourth of our series of DTS reflections from Mark Carson, this centres on God’s leading and stopping with Him.

A lot has happened since my very important journey to the shores of North Ayrshire. I will try and distil this as much as possible, it has been difficult for me to take it all in. I even wrote on a thank you card to one of my visiting lecturers that she had caused my head to fall off!

A good place to start is to let you know that God is taking me back to school. During a class, we were encouraged to read through the story of Abraham and focus on all the times he stopped to build an altar. Altar items included livestock and his son Isaac (he didn’t end up burning his son).

Anyway, we were sent off on a wander to collect some items to put on our very own altar on the beach. The hope was that on our travels we would find an item that God would speak to us through about an area of our lives or a physical thing we need to lay down.

Before I set off I slipped to the toilet and asked God where he wanted me to go. He told me School, so I ran to the local school filled with anticipation of finding a revelation of what I need to lay down on the altar or at the very least a serviceable item for the fire (praying against any Isaac school children)

I got there and waited and waited until it was fire time. I wasn’t picking up anything from God or the ground. On my disappointed walk to the altar God started talking to me about how he was taking me back to school in this season. He reminded me about how I had hated school but this time it would be different. My school years had been all about performance and not learning. I learned later that a key role of Holy Spirit was teacher and that’s the best teacher a boy can have.

What stood out to me in the story of Abraham was not what he was putting on the altars or what that represented but the action itself of stopping to do so. As important and wonderful all of Gods plans were for the father of nations – stopping for God, the relationship, the friendship was what it was all about.

So, I laid down this six months, as crazy as they will be as an altar time.

But thinking ahead how do I regularly stop for God when I step out of this school?

DTS Reflection Part 3: The Power of Prayer

Part 3 of a series of reflections from DTS trainee mark Carson, more from their mid-term outreach in Sweden

I want to tell you some stories of interactions with the people of Stockholm.

All I had known of Sweden before going was of their car manufacturing expertise (see Saab and Volvo) , their export of fashionable yet functional furniture, and some of the best pop tunes to ever grace my ears (see Abba Dancing Queen)

I was excited to get to know more but I quickly realised that Stockholm was inhabited by more than just Swedes. There was a great number of Bulgarians many of whom lived on the streets in Stockholm. We had encountered many Bulgarians and had the privilege to pray for three homeless guys called Yarrick, Darrick and Marios. When I asked them by pointing at the sky and putting my hands together the reaction was that of surprise, then confusion and then Darrick suddenly starts to beat his chest in a primal manner, with a real desire for prayer. I didn’t have any words of great knowledge from the Lord at that moment, they wouldn’t have understood me anyway (could have tried tongues to see if anything landed). It was just a pleasure to stand with them in the cold Stockholm evening and speak God’s blessings over their lives.

I was continually surprised about how after I had prayed for someone there would be a shift, a softening. God wants to be invited into the conversation and prayer brought the God of all things into our midst and I could see it on the face of this young Afghan guy called Rezza. He had left his family behind in his native land and myself and Sam got talking to him. What started as an awkward conversation turned into a smile wider than had been seen in a while. After we prayed for him and his family Gods love was impacting him and we broke through a significant language barrier to tell him about Jesus’ love for him.

I have many more stories to share and maybe I will with you in person but another demonstration of the power of prayer was during the Awakening Europe conference when church leaders gathered on the stage to forgive one another and repent for their disunity before God. I do believe many lives were impacted by the thousands of Christians sharing the gospel on the streets of Stockholm, but this was the most powerful moment for me. A wounded, divided church bringing its mess to God to say sorry in a prayer that will impact in the nation of Sweden.

I saw forgiveness on that stage, I saw brokenness, I saw who Jesus is and I saw a church wanting to unite for the kingdom of God to move in Sweden.

Looking back on Sweden it all seemed a bit chaotic and I’m only really piecing it together now for you. Looking back at 2016 in a broader sense it has been a chaotic year, for many of you most probably and it has been globally politically. As I type this up I’m looking at a Christmas tree that has many stars with words on them saying; comforter, Love, Life giver and Ruler of Nations.

Those words are all true because they are Jesus. I can sit with those words with the chaos of the world around me. If I’m honest I’ve doubted those words at times this year but Jesus hasn’t doubted me and he won’t doubt you. He wants to be invited into the chaos and that’s the power of His Love.

DTS Reflection Part 2: The Arrow and the Freedom to Fail

The second of Mark Carson’s DTS reflections was just before his mid-term outraech to Stockholm, Sweden.

Our team were sent to Stockholm from our base in Scotland in the formation of an arrow. We were given the words that the Lion of Judah was with us, then we were propelled out the door with prayers and a lion’s roar. It was a mix of Braveheart and Narnia, a powerful symbol of our teams’ unity and the mission to see God’s kingdom come to Stockholm.

It reminded me of Ireland’s victory over the All Blacks and their formation of a figure of eight before kickoff. It wasn’t just a symbol of remembrance for a fallen comrade but turned into a rallying, powerful statement of unity in the face of the haka that brought historic victory. It’s safe to say the team were buoyed by the send-off. Not even the language barrier of a Swedish prayer meeting on the first night could deflate us.

We were at a church in Stockholm central praying for the Awakening Europe event we were participating in. I found I could focus on the passion behind each prayer as Swedes poured out their hearts for Gods kingdom to come in Stockholm. I cried, fell asleep and spilt tea on myself so it was an eventful evening.

Awakening Europe was birthed out of a passionate vision of one man, Ben Fitzgerald, to see thousands of Christians fill stadiums across Europe and be released onto the streets to share the Gospel. In the lead up to the event we partnered with local churches and went out as evangelists on the streets of Stockholm.

The atmosphere on the streets of central Stockholm was joyless. I felt that when we first arrived but that was about to change…

I had ended up on the busiest shopping street in Stockholm with two other trainees. We got talking to two Bulgarian street performers Mehmed and Maria. We told them that Jesus loved them and I requested some songs that they had never heard of. I mainly communicated through broken Spanish as we found most of the Bulgarians we encountered on the streets could speak it.  We threw some money in the pot and the band struck up. We all started dancing and suddenly a crowd started gathering. People were clapping, smiling, filming on camera phones. The atmosphere had shifted, some people even joined us dancing. Mehmed took off his coat and we had a dance off. It felt like a real breakthrough, freedom had arrived on this street in Stockholm. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom!!

It says in the Bible that greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. I found our very presence was overcoming the world. The world being this busy street in Stockholm and it all started with simply loving and appreciating Mehmed and Maria.

The Swedes have this perfectionist thing going on. I recalled even the translator on the first night’s prayer meeting was stressing because he wasn’t getting everything right and was ashamed. This led me to taking the attitude onto the streets of Stockholm that with regards to evangelism, it wasn’t about getting the perfect message across but about being at odds with this culture, being vulnerable in being God’s hands and feet because God uses broken vessels to shine his light.

I felt like God was giving us freedom, freedom to stand up to perfectionism, freedom to love regardless of what it looked like and freedom to fail in the eyes of the world. It’s not about us anyway. It’s about him.

Look out for part two soon, more testimonies of what God was doing, this post was just setting the scene…

DTS Reflection Part 1: The Journey is important

Mark Carson is on his DTS outreach in Cyprus and is writing a series of reflections that we are featuring in a series.

Before I left for Scotland I knew that all who believe in Jesus are technically missionaries. So, I was almost sure I had been on mission in Belfast. Yes, I’m away on a wee trip and no doubt adventures and all types of hilarity will ensue. When I finish this course, I will still be on mission. It’s not my mission anyway, it’s God’s…I’m just joining in.

So, with the mission is every day and everywhere I was sure that the journey to Scotland was just as important as being there. As I walked up the almost mile long gangway to the Stena HSS I turned to an American and asked him if we were walking to Scotland now? He just gave me a puzzled look. I felt like praying against a spirit of puzzlement going forward. I helped a Chinese guy find his tour bus as we were disembarking. He was running around like a dog with no owner as if the ship were about to sink.

On my bus journey to Ayr I got chatting to a girl called Michelle from Switzerland and shared about my YWAM course and my testimony of becoming a Christian. She said she was an atheist but I concluded that she was agnostic and she concluded that I was going off to become some sort of monk. I assured her that monks don’t drink and dance like I do.

I got the bus from Ayr to my new home in Seamill. I got held up by sheep in the road and the police had to come and check their licenses. On the bus I was now deep in doze, but soon I was awoken with a big fierce drunk Scottish face in mine. The face was that of an old man called Ian, his drinking buddy was a lady by the name of Suzi Montgomery.

Suzi, originally from Tipperary, was quick to invite me for dinner. She kept saying that she wouldn’t harm me and the reiteration of the promise led me to believe that she thought I wouldn’t trust her with my safety and deep down she didn’t trust herself. She did say that she would give me a good feed. It’s a small place Seamill so no doubt we will meet again. I’ll pray we do.

There are nine other trainees on the course with me here at YWAM Seamill. I’m rooming with two German lads and a Scot who now lives in Australia. The rest of the group consists of six girls, three Germans, a Canadian, an American and a Finnish/Fin. I am the oldest in the group by a considerable margin, so I feel a good bit of responsibility for each of them.

I managed to sneak out to the local Hydro hotel with one of my fellow trainees Sam from Germany. We met Jim Clark, a retired oil rigger who was on his 44th wedding anniversary. His wife was upstairs watching Corrie and he was watching football at the hotel bar. They had obviously worked out a successful system of marriage after all these years. Sam and I had the privilege of praying for Jim. He felt like he was not suited to being a Christian. The desire of his heart was that ‘The Big Man’ would tap him on the shoulder on one of those long walks on the beach he enjoys. So, we prayed that God would reveal himself to him and we have decided to go to the place every Wednesday and pray for Jim and his family. Jim lives in Ayr, so he is not a local but it would be good to keep remembering him.

After a week of lectures on everything from worship to spiritual formations (don’t ask… on second thoughts, do if your curious) my head is fried. Fried in a good way.

God has been speaking, or maybe I have started listening? When I was reading John 14, Thomas asks Jesus what is the way? Jesus’s response is that he is the way the truth and the life. It’s important to ask God the questions that get you the deeper truth.

So now I’m asking questions and waiting for some answers. I have some already. God wants a dialogue.The question is just as important as the answer sometimes and the journey can be as important as the destination.

Boldness and stepping out

Boldness and stepping out – guest blog from Daniel Wickstrom of YWAM Cambridge

Though I am a bold man, I am a very simple man. So, when Jesus reveals to me that a total stranger has pain in her back because one leg is shorter than the other and that I am going to pray for it and He’s going to grow it out, my reaction is generally what any of ours would be: “Jesus you’re absolutely mad!!”

This week our team from YWAM Cambridge joined up with the Seamill DTS to do a week of evangelism training with a fiery man named Yan Nicholls. On the final night of our time together we went to Maryhill in Glasgow, where a Destiny Church team were doing some outreach just before they officially plant a new church. It was really a blessing to get to come alongside them and sow more into the city with them. So before we went out, in proper YWAM fashion, we prayed and asked God for pictures and people to speak to, then set off into this city with one aim: to bring the Kingdom of God in Maryhill.

My partner Annika and I had a few really great conversations with people throughout the night, just loving on them and praying for them, and we were actually on our way back when God highlighted this woman to me. Now, you have to get the scene. It was dark and gloomy but Annika and I had this fiery sense of joy and attentiveness about us. We passed through a street that was dark and led to a small courtyard with one streetlight in the middle. Just under that street light was a cluster of dumpsters and this small, hooded woman sitting on a low wall next to them, as if she was trying to find warmth under this light. If that’s not an opportunity to encourage someone, I don’t know what is. And on top of that God said to go and speak with her. So that’s what we did.

We started the conversation perfectly simply, “Hiya! How are you doing tonight, are you okay?” Her reply reflected her posture, it was quiet, weak and sad sounding, “Yeah, not great at all actually.” From that point we asked her why and she told us her story of addictions, family deaths, and bad relationships up to the one that she was currently in. She had just come to sit under this light and try to sort out what her life was heading to, and couldn’t figure out why she didn’t feel like herself. Her once felt childhood freedom and joy had somehow been broken. God gave Annika the most amazing word of encouragement for this woman and we shared the Gospel and hope of Jesus with her for a while before Annika asked if she could pray for her. The next thing I know I’m seeing the most beautiful outpouring of the Fathers love happen before my eyes. Annika grabbed this woman’s hands, locked eyes with her and started declaring truth and life over her. “God loves you, He loves loves loves you, His heart is for you and He is with you. He is breaking the chains off of you forever.” Now Annika is starting to tear up with passion and she has burst into tears as the intensity of Gods love is sinking into her.

All of this is happening, and it was at this moment that the Holy Spirit nudges me and says that she’s got back pain and tells me it’s because one of her legs is shorter than the other. Now, I’m not super human, and I’m not the “perfect Christian”, but like I said I am simple and I am bold in Him. I knew that it was God speaking and had the craziest assurance that this was going to happen. So I asked her, “Hey how’s that pain in your back? It’s been hurting you hasn’t it?” She looked at me really surprised and said how strange it was that I knew that and confirmed that when she walked she got terrible, shocking pains up her back. “Right,” I said, “that’s because one of your legs is shorter than the other.” “Yeah I do walk funny! How did you know that?” she exclaimed. All I said is that God loved her enough to let me know that so that He could heal it, and I asked if I could pray for her and see her leg get fixed. She happily said yes! So we walked over to a bench and sure enough one of her legs was about an inch shorter. Right then and there I prayed powerfully in Jesus name and commanded that that leg come out and grow. As I prayed it slowly began to creep out towards the longer one. Annika and I both watched as it grew! Then when it was perfectly level with the other leg it told it to stop and the woman saw that they were both the same length! “I feel really light and really tingly!” She said. “JESUS JUST GREW OUT YOUR LEG!” was all we could say, “CAUSE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH.” In her face was this expression of awe and bewilderment but just as we were about to go on and explain her boyfriend called her away and she had to leave. But when she got up, she skipped and ran toward him. Then she turned and shouted, “It feels good!!”

Fortunately before she left, we were able to give her a small flyer with the church plants information on it that, funny enough, was for a healing service. She said she was very interested to go. The long and short of it is, that simple boldness in obedience to Gods voice will change lives.

It has been a blessing to join up with YWAM Seamill this week and I know we will be seeing more of this on the streets of Cambridge when we return.

DTS Hungary Outreach Update 3

Our DTS teams have only ONE week left of outreach! This is another update from our group in Hungary. Read on to fuel your love for people and the nations, and come to the Seamill Centre for our June Open Evening, when the DTS trainees will share incredible testimonies from their time on outreach. An update from our team in Asia will be available soon!


I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have flown by. It feels like we just got to Budapest, but we’re actually already finishing up this outreach!

We had an amazing and exhausting week at the YWAM Central Europe Staff Gathering in Vajta, Hungary. It was such a privilege to be able to hear from Loren Cunningham, but I think even more of a privilege to get to spend the whole week with the teens of YWAM! They are such a special group of people who also give so much as missionary kids along with their missionary parents. We had an amazing time worshipping with them through music and creative arts, sharing devotionals, hearing about their lives and all of the adventures they’ve already been on, and just hanging out being goofy with them! We played lots of games, went swimming, and enjoyed meals together too. We were all sad to part ways when our team had to head back to Budapest.

Here are a few highlights from the last couple of weeks:
During a street evangelism time, Anna got to lead a man to Jesus! She was just sharing with him about what Jesus had done in her life, and he decided he wanted to have that in his own life! We are hoping to reconnect with him next week. Please pray they’ll be able to talk again and that he will continue to seek and encounter Jesus in these coming days!


We were asked to play at the Friday Night Cafe, so naturally, we got a set together, made up a band name and took some band photos.

Another cool thing has been seeing how relationships we’ve built are growing, and we’re seeing fruit from them! Celena met a guy in the first or second week we were here named David. He had just come to accept Jesus a couple weeks before we came. He’s actually homeless and living on the streets, and before meeting Jesus, he was addicted to drugs. Jesus immediately set him free from his addiction, and he has been experiencing so much more joy and freedom since then! Over the weeks, David has been coming to the Friday night cafe, so Celena and the others have really been pouring into him. This last Friday at the cafe, he told us that he wants to become a pastor and tell everyone about Jesus. That night David prayed for another guy at the cafe whose knee was completely healed! He is so on fire for Jesus! And he actually joined us yesterday for our street evangelism time. He translated the gospel and shared his testimony through the microphone, and he was hard to keep up with in his enthusiasm to just walk up to people on the street and tell them about Jesus’ love! And all of this was his first time doing any sort of evangelism… Jesus is so good! 

The last highlight I want to share is God’s faithfulness to what He spoke before we left Seamill. He had spoken a lot about

friendship/relationships and also encouraging the local church, and He’s been faithful to bring opportunities to us for both! This Sunday we got to share at a local baptist church. They gave us twenty minutes to share testimonies and some music. Celena and Kevin shared testimonies about what they’ve seen Jesus do in this city, and I got to share a word of encouragement from the things we’d gotten in prayer for their church. Sharing in churches is one of my favourite things, and we all got really positive feedback from the people there. I think it was also a really good experience for the trainees to share in a church to prepare them for going back to their own churches this summer!

We are doing well as a team. We’ve really been asking Jesus how we can end this outreach well and strong individually and as a team. It’s so easy to just coast through the last couple weeks of an outreach, but none of us want to do that!

Some ways you can be praying:

– Good health for everyone! Celena has had a pretty bad cold for a few days now, but she’s pressed on like a champ! A couple others have had sore throats/stuffy noses too, so please pray for a healthy last week.

– Continued passion and energy for the ministries we’re involved with

– More salvations and people encountering Jesus!

– A good finish: that we can leave Budapest without feeling like there are loose ends or things left incomplete

– Breakthrough in a couple of relationships, especially with Bryce’s buddy Laszlo. He is so close to giving his life to Jesus, and we are all praying that he will make that decision while we are still here!

– That we would become even closer as a team, in ministry and at home; that we would know how to encourage and build one another up and how to really pursue Jesus together!

Thank you for supporting us in prayer! It has been such a privilege to serve Jesus with this team in Budapest!


We are amazed at God’s supernatural movements with this team in Hungary. Thank you for supporting our teams!

Hungary outreach update 2

Our DTS teams are approaching the half way point in their outreach, and we have another update to share with you! These are just snippets of what God does on outreach, to hear more consider coming along to our Open Evening at the end of June where you can hear more stories and enjoy fellowship together. Read on for some encouraging stories from the team leader and some of the team.

WhatsApp-Image-20160511The last two weeks were full and pretty crazy. 

We continued on with what we were doing the first week – a lot of evangelism on the streets, went again to the refugee shelter and the gypsy kids church, passed out sandwiches to homeless people and prayed with them, and joined with YWAM Budapest for worship, intercession, cleaning and their Friday night cafe ministry. It has been really good to have consistency in the ministries so we’re able to build friendships and relationships with people!

Two weeks ago we also had the opportunity to partner with a small international church as they organized a “crusade”-like evangelistic event that took place last Friday and Saturday night. We helped them pass out over 1,000 flyers on Monday morning, and then the 5 of us joined their prayer ministry team for the Saturday night meeting. Jesus showed up in some amazing ways! Over the weekend at least 8 people gave their lives to Jesus, at least that many were healed physically in some way, and about 70 people heard the Gospel! The turn out wasn’t quite what was hoped for, but as the pastor said when we first met with him a couple weeks ago – if even one came to Jesus, it would be totally worth it.

That Saturday night, our team was part of four people coming into relationship with Jesus! Thankfully there were enough Hungarians for us all to partnered with someone who could translate. It was so fun to be able to do ministry with people who are so committed to seeing the gospel spread in their own nation!

We leave tomorrow (Monday) for YWAM’s Central Europe Staff Gathering where we will be working and hanging out with the YWAM teens during the days and joining in the sessions and worship times in the evenings. Loren and Darlene Cunningham are the main speakers for the week, and we are very excited about hearing them! It is going to be a really good week, and I think it will be good for us to be doing something completely different in a different place. We’ll be with about 10 teens during the week. Pray for us as we minister to the missionary kids and just hangout with them, and pray that we will be able to build good relationships with them and encourage them. And also pray for us individually and as a team to get everything out of the conference God has for us there! It is such an amazing opportunity!

One of our guy trainees has this testimony about cafe ministry on Friday nights:

Outreach has definitely been a challenge for me, but also very rewarding. I’m sure I could tell you stories for hours, but one in particular is very special to me. During cafe ministry our first week, I met a guy named Laszlo. He’s Hungarian. I saw him outside the cafe peering in, and I hoped that he would come into the building, thankfully he did. He looked lost so I thought I would introduce myself. We got to talking, and long story short, he’s not a Christian, but he’s what’s called a straight edge (they don’t do drugs or drink or anything like that). He is now a good friend, and has continued to come to the cafe on Fridays and we have been able to hangout outside of those nights. He had never heard the gospel before, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to share it with him. When I did, it was outside the huge basilica in Budapest, at night, with all the lights shining on it. I also shared some scripture with him and he responded to it well. He went home and read the parable of the lost son in Hungarian and said ” these stories are true, thank you man”. He hasn’t accepted Jesus YET but there’s still more time. Pray that he will choose Jesus!

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And here’s a testimony from two of our girl DTSers from street outreach:

Our testimony is about how God’s presence really surrounds us, that he works in us and gives us the energy to do what’s needed when needed. He really showed us that you don’t have to have the strongest faith, or be feeling your best to be used, but he will even use people who don’t even know him yet!

On one of the street Evangelism days, we went up to this random guy (we’ll call him Joe), found out he spoke English and probably talked with him for about 2 hours. He didn’t know or believe in God, but by the end of our time with him he had no reason not too. We were able to speak life over him, pray for him, tell him the Gospel, tell him our testimonies, answer his questions, and tell him how Jesus is so worth it! It was really amazing because as we were talking to him we were both filled with so much joy talking about our Father and our tiredness or sickness went away as we spoke. You could see the light in his eyes and how his expressions and attitude changed the more we talked. Joe said he wanted the joy and boldness we had, so we got to pray for him and tell him how… (Jesus! ) and he was saying how no one ever comes up to him (a stranger) and just talks to him, especially about Jesus.

As Joe was talking about that 5 different Hungarians randomly came up and talked to us, and since we don’t know Hungarian, he ended being used by God as a translator. And every person talked about Jesus! Joe heard so much about Jesus and was speaking it out, practically preaching without even realizing it! He probably heard the Gospel three times and each time he spoke it out!

The presence of God was just getting stronger and stronger, and at one point a drunk guy got super angry once he entered the atmosphere of God’s presence. He was yelling and being really rude, and ended up pouring his beer on our friend Lorrie’s head.. Yet Lorrie responded in love and just said that Jesus loves him… And then the man just walked away! Then this lady came up and told Joe that she had been praying for the drunk man to just walk away. So Joe realized how the man had left even though he was so ready to fight. But Joe witnessed Lorrie’s love and faith, and we got to explain all of this to him. You could tell that he was amazed, a little confused but really thinking. Sadly he was leaving for London so we couldn’t stay in touch, but I think Joe left with God working so deeply within him that he was already a a changed man. He took a Bible and as he walked away, another lady walked up and stopped next to us for a second. They were playing the song “Oceans”, so I turned to her to talk and looked her in the eyes. She immediately started sobbing. And she wept in mine and Anna’s arms as we prayed for her. There were others who were nearby who randomly broke into tears as well. The place we were in was just so filled with the presence of God that you could see him working visibly not just in us and the people we talked to, but in random people walking by too.

Some prayer requests:
– for good conversations and times of joy and laughter as we hangout with the teens at the conference, that this week would really impact their lives
– for relationships we’ve built with people during street evangelism and cafe ministry to continue to grow and to be fruitful!
– complete health for all of us


We praise God for all He is doing in and through our teams on outreach. Thank you for praying with us!

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