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From mission builder through DTS to full-time staff

Rebekka joined us in 2012 as a Mission Builder, she decided to come back to do a DTS, then on to a 2 year staff journey. It is never easy to say goodbye to the wonderful people God brings our way, but testimonies like this give us the perspective we need to know it is worthwhile. 

It all started with the three week long mission building in 2012. I had no idea where I was coming into! I just wanted to improve my English in an English speaking community. I didn’t really have a relationship with God at that time but I think it was always one of the greatest desires on my heart – to get to know him personally and to experience that He is the living God! I had no idea how or what to do about that but He obviously did.

God answered me.

At first I was almost more jealous, seeing all the people in Seamill having experienced God in their own lives and having a deep relationship with Him. I realised though, that there must be more and that it is possible to experience God in your own life!

I remember that I started crying (which I didn’t often do at that time) at the airport after I left Seamill after those three weeks, and I wondered why… I think it was because I had felt His presence so strongly in the community. From then, I always wanted to come back to that place!

During my DTS in 2014, God opened my eyes and ears to read and understand his Word, which I never really did beforehand. The first weekend we were given homework where we had to read a few chapters in John. I was almost scared to read it and not being able to understand it again. I went to sit on a bench outside and started reading. It was like scales fell off my eyes. I remember getting so excited about understanding the Bible that I just wanted to run through the whole garden!

And then I realised that this is the ground that I can build my relationship on and learn more about God even if I am not in Seamill anymore. 

After we finished DTS I felt that my time at Seamill was still not done yet!

When I told my parents it was the craziest thing to them to still not go to a university or get an apprenticeship done. Plus, raising your own support was a very foreign concept to them… but during a conversation we had had shortly after DTS, God completely changed their perspectives so that they eventually truly blessed me in going again.

Living on base as a staff member still brought so much transformation into my but also my families life.  My mum read the book: “Is that really you God?“, more than three times and gave it away to several people in our community and my sister gave it away among her friends. They all started listening to God’s voice more and more and formed a team within the community that mainly meets to come before God to wait for what He has to say. They called it “Team Vision”

My Dad once said to me: “Rebekka, I think our whole family was saved through you being in Seamill!” And I don’t want to exaggerate or be prideful about that, but there were lots of struggles and battles in the last few years within our family and I think through me living in the community, surrounded by so many people filled with faith, as well as our constant and set apart times to worship God, He was able to still bring hope and faith into our family when we didn’t see how to move on anymore.

So I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to Seamill and for you all as my brothers and sisters, that walked with me in prayer and faith and hope and love!

I think I truly was able to experience so much of God’s kingdom through the community, and I was also made me unfold more and more into the person that God has made me to be!


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Walking with the Lord

A revelation from one of our community:

Believe me, I’ve heard this expression many times in my Christian life. However, I actually never had a clue of what it would look like to walk with the Lord. I feel like recently I got to a bigger understanding of what is means and I would love to share about that!

As I sat down last week to have silent time with the Lord, God told me to read Ephesians 5, so I did. A few paragraphs of the chapter really stood out to me, and I discovered they were all about walking:

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” (Verse 1-2)

Walk as children of light, for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true, and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord.” (Verse 8-9)

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of time, because the days are evil. (…) Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with our heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father.(…) ”(Verse 15-20)

Jesus came to the earth to show the life that God wants us to live. Through the Word we know what Jesus did, so now we can be like Him. God wants us to walk with love, because that is what Jesus did. As we do that, we bring light into darkness, for God Himself who lives in us, is the light and we are His children.

To me walking with God means continuously wondering what pleases Him and sharing His love to people, always and everywhere. It’s about bringing constant thanksgiving to the One who’s worthy of it all. It’s about trusting Him in the small things of life, not only the big events. I believe that is what walking with Him really looks like. We do need wisdom and the Holy Spirit in this but fortunately God is more than willing to give us those when we ask for it!

I want to finish with a quote that I recently read, which I cannot get out of my head ever since. It helped me to realise what an honour it is to serve the Highest King and even walk with Him! I hope and pray that it will inspire you as well, and I bless you all with excitement in discovering what walking with the Lord means to you.

“If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honour, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?” – Livingstone

Participants blog: Janaya’s reflections on week 1 of SWS

Janaya has joined YWAM Seamill for a 6-week course called the School of the Word and Spirit, an immersive Bible experience, where the Story and Spirit who inspired the Story, come alive in new and fresh ways. This is her first taste of any YWAM environment, never mind Seamill, so we asked her to write about her experience so far…

I didn’t know exactly what to expect for this 6-week seminar, yet I was desperately hoping that 6 weeks in the Bible and in the Spirit would be a transformational experience. I had been praying this past year for a way to grow deeper with God and He has lead me here to Seamill to be a part of School of the Word and Spirit. I am blown away by God’s answer to my prayer that has brought me to a place I couldn’t have imagined existed. 

I am a week and a half into the program and God has already revealed a tremendous amount to me of who He is and who I am because of Him. I am expectant that He will continue to amaze me in the upcoming weeks. Some of the revelation has been heavy, some convicting and some simply refreshing. I am being reminded of the immense power of God’s Word and the privilege it is to be able to read and know this living book.

I have received revelation that I am the righteousness of God. The righteousness OF GOD. Whoa. Because Christ died in my place, I am not only forgiven, but I am free of condemnation, I am righteous, I am purified, I am guiltless, I am shameless, I have a new identity, I am delighted in. I have heard this message a few times in various forms, yet last week when Spirit guided me into this truth, every part of this CAME ALIVE. This truth has overwhelmed me with God’s love and goodness.

I am deeply grateful that God heard my cry and provided this time for me to explore Him within a trusting community, gain fresh insights about His word, and practice stepping into my new identity through Jesus Christ.

Boldness and stepping out

Boldness and stepping out – guest blog from Daniel Wickstrom of YWAM Cambridge

Though I am a bold man, I am a very simple man. So, when Jesus reveals to me that a total stranger has pain in her back because one leg is shorter than the other and that I am going to pray for it and He’s going to grow it out, my reaction is generally what any of ours would be: “Jesus you’re absolutely mad!!”

This week our team from YWAM Cambridge joined up with the Seamill DTS to do a week of evangelism training with a fiery man named Yan Nicholls. On the final night of our time together we went to Maryhill in Glasgow, where a Destiny Church team were doing some outreach just before they officially plant a new church. It was really a blessing to get to come alongside them and sow more into the city with them. So before we went out, in proper YWAM fashion, we prayed and asked God for pictures and people to speak to, then set off into this city with one aim: to bring the Kingdom of God in Maryhill.

My partner Annika and I had a few really great conversations with people throughout the night, just loving on them and praying for them, and we were actually on our way back when God highlighted this woman to me. Now, you have to get the scene. It was dark and gloomy but Annika and I had this fiery sense of joy and attentiveness about us. We passed through a street that was dark and led to a small courtyard with one streetlight in the middle. Just under that street light was a cluster of dumpsters and this small, hooded woman sitting on a low wall next to them, as if she was trying to find warmth under this light. If that’s not an opportunity to encourage someone, I don’t know what is. And on top of that God said to go and speak with her. So that’s what we did.

We started the conversation perfectly simply, “Hiya! How are you doing tonight, are you okay?” Her reply reflected her posture, it was quiet, weak and sad sounding, “Yeah, not great at all actually.” From that point we asked her why and she told us her story of addictions, family deaths, and bad relationships up to the one that she was currently in. She had just come to sit under this light and try to sort out what her life was heading to, and couldn’t figure out why she didn’t feel like herself. Her once felt childhood freedom and joy had somehow been broken. God gave Annika the most amazing word of encouragement for this woman and we shared the Gospel and hope of Jesus with her for a while before Annika asked if she could pray for her. The next thing I know I’m seeing the most beautiful outpouring of the Fathers love happen before my eyes. Annika grabbed this woman’s hands, locked eyes with her and started declaring truth and life over her. “God loves you, He loves loves loves you, His heart is for you and He is with you. He is breaking the chains off of you forever.” Now Annika is starting to tear up with passion and she has burst into tears as the intensity of Gods love is sinking into her.

All of this is happening, and it was at this moment that the Holy Spirit nudges me and says that she’s got back pain and tells me it’s because one of her legs is shorter than the other. Now, I’m not super human, and I’m not the “perfect Christian”, but like I said I am simple and I am bold in Him. I knew that it was God speaking and had the craziest assurance that this was going to happen. So I asked her, “Hey how’s that pain in your back? It’s been hurting you hasn’t it?” She looked at me really surprised and said how strange it was that I knew that and confirmed that when she walked she got terrible, shocking pains up her back. “Right,” I said, “that’s because one of your legs is shorter than the other.” “Yeah I do walk funny! How did you know that?” she exclaimed. All I said is that God loved her enough to let me know that so that He could heal it, and I asked if I could pray for her and see her leg get fixed. She happily said yes! So we walked over to a bench and sure enough one of her legs was about an inch shorter. Right then and there I prayed powerfully in Jesus name and commanded that that leg come out and grow. As I prayed it slowly began to creep out towards the longer one. Annika and I both watched as it grew! Then when it was perfectly level with the other leg it told it to stop and the woman saw that they were both the same length! “I feel really light and really tingly!” She said. “JESUS JUST GREW OUT YOUR LEG!” was all we could say, “CAUSE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH.” In her face was this expression of awe and bewilderment but just as we were about to go on and explain her boyfriend called her away and she had to leave. But when she got up, she skipped and ran toward him. Then she turned and shouted, “It feels good!!”

Fortunately before she left, we were able to give her a small flyer with the church plants information on it that, funny enough, was for a healing service. She said she was very interested to go. The long and short of it is, that simple boldness in obedience to Gods voice will change lives.

It has been a blessing to join up with YWAM Seamill this week and I know we will be seeing more of this on the streets of Cambridge when we return.

A snapshot of LDC

Lucy Belton from YWAM Carlisle is at Seamill for her Leadership Development Course (LDC) and has also been generous enough to do a guest blog for us based on her LDC experience so far.

Just over a 2 weeks ago a bunch of people descended on the base here at Seamill to embark on a 6-week journey together known as the Leadership Development Course, the LDC. With participants from all sorts of nations, central Asia to the USA, France to the Philippines this group had gathered to seek refreshment, time with Jesus, invaluable input and encouragement.

So far my main thought over the past 10 days has been one of what an incredible place and space this is to be. To be amongst such an incredible group, but more so, to be walking with some of the wisest and most mature people who are here to purely invest in us is a remarkable privilege.

This place is truly unique and we are seeing God restore and confirm who he has made us to be, to stand with new confidence in our strengths, gifting and abilities, as well as to look at the practical outworking of leading a team. One revelation I have had is that the very nature of being a team allows God to draw us together, because in that place we are stronger. If we can shed our need for independence, especially for us westerners, and align with being part of team and community there is incredible strength and greater effectiveness and fulfilment for all of us.

“A leader is a leader of others because he has learnt to lead himself.”

The LDC team will be hosting our August Open Evening in a couple of weeks, make sure you get along to hear more encouraging stories and see how God wants to develop your leadership gifting! 


Hungary outreach update 2

Our DTS teams are approaching the half way point in their outreach, and we have another update to share with you! These are just snippets of what God does on outreach, to hear more consider coming along to our Open Evening at the end of June where you can hear more stories and enjoy fellowship together. Read on for some encouraging stories from the team leader and some of the team.

WhatsApp-Image-20160511The last two weeks were full and pretty crazy. 

We continued on with what we were doing the first week – a lot of evangelism on the streets, went again to the refugee shelter and the gypsy kids church, passed out sandwiches to homeless people and prayed with them, and joined with YWAM Budapest for worship, intercession, cleaning and their Friday night cafe ministry. It has been really good to have consistency in the ministries so we’re able to build friendships and relationships with people!

Two weeks ago we also had the opportunity to partner with a small international church as they organized a “crusade”-like evangelistic event that took place last Friday and Saturday night. We helped them pass out over 1,000 flyers on Monday morning, and then the 5 of us joined their prayer ministry team for the Saturday night meeting. Jesus showed up in some amazing ways! Over the weekend at least 8 people gave their lives to Jesus, at least that many were healed physically in some way, and about 70 people heard the Gospel! The turn out wasn’t quite what was hoped for, but as the pastor said when we first met with him a couple weeks ago – if even one came to Jesus, it would be totally worth it.

That Saturday night, our team was part of four people coming into relationship with Jesus! Thankfully there were enough Hungarians for us all to partnered with someone who could translate. It was so fun to be able to do ministry with people who are so committed to seeing the gospel spread in their own nation!

We leave tomorrow (Monday) for YWAM’s Central Europe Staff Gathering where we will be working and hanging out with the YWAM teens during the days and joining in the sessions and worship times in the evenings. Loren and Darlene Cunningham are the main speakers for the week, and we are very excited about hearing them! It is going to be a really good week, and I think it will be good for us to be doing something completely different in a different place. We’ll be with about 10 teens during the week. Pray for us as we minister to the missionary kids and just hangout with them, and pray that we will be able to build good relationships with them and encourage them. And also pray for us individually and as a team to get everything out of the conference God has for us there! It is such an amazing opportunity!

One of our guy trainees has this testimony about cafe ministry on Friday nights:

Outreach has definitely been a challenge for me, but also very rewarding. I’m sure I could tell you stories for hours, but one in particular is very special to me. During cafe ministry our first week, I met a guy named Laszlo. He’s Hungarian. I saw him outside the cafe peering in, and I hoped that he would come into the building, thankfully he did. He looked lost so I thought I would introduce myself. We got to talking, and long story short, he’s not a Christian, but he’s what’s called a straight edge (they don’t do drugs or drink or anything like that). He is now a good friend, and has continued to come to the cafe on Fridays and we have been able to hangout outside of those nights. He had never heard the gospel before, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to share it with him. When I did, it was outside the huge basilica in Budapest, at night, with all the lights shining on it. I also shared some scripture with him and he responded to it well. He went home and read the parable of the lost son in Hungarian and said ” these stories are true, thank you man”. He hasn’t accepted Jesus YET but there’s still more time. Pray that he will choose Jesus!

WhatsApp-Image-20160511 (1)

And here’s a testimony from two of our girl DTSers from street outreach:

Our testimony is about how God’s presence really surrounds us, that he works in us and gives us the energy to do what’s needed when needed. He really showed us that you don’t have to have the strongest faith, or be feeling your best to be used, but he will even use people who don’t even know him yet!

On one of the street Evangelism days, we went up to this random guy (we’ll call him Joe), found out he spoke English and probably talked with him for about 2 hours. He didn’t know or believe in God, but by the end of our time with him he had no reason not too. We were able to speak life over him, pray for him, tell him the Gospel, tell him our testimonies, answer his questions, and tell him how Jesus is so worth it! It was really amazing because as we were talking to him we were both filled with so much joy talking about our Father and our tiredness or sickness went away as we spoke. You could see the light in his eyes and how his expressions and attitude changed the more we talked. Joe said he wanted the joy and boldness we had, so we got to pray for him and tell him how… (Jesus! ) and he was saying how no one ever comes up to him (a stranger) and just talks to him, especially about Jesus.

As Joe was talking about that 5 different Hungarians randomly came up and talked to us, and since we don’t know Hungarian, he ended being used by God as a translator. And every person talked about Jesus! Joe heard so much about Jesus and was speaking it out, practically preaching without even realizing it! He probably heard the Gospel three times and each time he spoke it out!

The presence of God was just getting stronger and stronger, and at one point a drunk guy got super angry once he entered the atmosphere of God’s presence. He was yelling and being really rude, and ended up pouring his beer on our friend Lorrie’s head.. Yet Lorrie responded in love and just said that Jesus loves him… And then the man just walked away! Then this lady came up and told Joe that she had been praying for the drunk man to just walk away. So Joe realized how the man had left even though he was so ready to fight. But Joe witnessed Lorrie’s love and faith, and we got to explain all of this to him. You could tell that he was amazed, a little confused but really thinking. Sadly he was leaving for London so we couldn’t stay in touch, but I think Joe left with God working so deeply within him that he was already a a changed man. He took a Bible and as he walked away, another lady walked up and stopped next to us for a second. They were playing the song “Oceans”, so I turned to her to talk and looked her in the eyes. She immediately started sobbing. And she wept in mine and Anna’s arms as we prayed for her. There were others who were nearby who randomly broke into tears as well. The place we were in was just so filled with the presence of God that you could see him working visibly not just in us and the people we talked to, but in random people walking by too.

Some prayer requests:
– for good conversations and times of joy and laughter as we hangout with the teens at the conference, that this week would really impact their lives
– for relationships we’ve built with people during street evangelism and cafe ministry to continue to grow and to be fruitful!
– complete health for all of us


We praise God for all He is doing in and through our teams on outreach. Thank you for praying with us!

DTS Outreach update May 2016

We have two DTS teams out on outreach from our Feb school, here is an update from one of the teams in Budapest, Hungary.

WhatsApp-Image-20160511Our first week in Budapest was amazing. The weather is great, the city is beautiful, the people don’t really speak English, and the team is doing really well!

This week was mostly spent getting to know the city and how YWAM works here, but also getting right to work. There is a team from YWAM Lausanne in Switzerland that is also doing their long-term outreach here. It’s been really good to have another team here so we can see how ministry works best in this city. 

We do specific street evangelism twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons. It’s really different from what we normally do at Seamill, but so far it’s been really fun and lots of good conversations and opportunities to pray for people have come of it. We set up a couple of speakers and microphones in the metro stations and then just go for it – singing, banjo playing, testimonies, gospel presentations, and the other team does a couple of skits. And of course, you can’t forget the Cupid Shuffle dance to draw a crowd! Our four trainees are so bold – they will literally talk to anyone about anything and end up sharing Jesus with whoever is in front of them. They are incredibly self-motivated and willing to do anything!

WhatsApp-Image-20160511 (1)

We have been working with homeless people on the streets on Tuesday afternoons, giving them sandwiches, chatting with them, and praying for them. I think this will be one of our group’s favourite ministry times!

We work with refugees on Wednesday mornings who are staying at a homeless shelter in the city. They are mostly from Northern Africa and Afghanistan. It’s a great opportunity to just talk with them (most speak at least a little English). We also get to hangout with a bunch of Roma kids for several hours on Sunday mornings. It’s complete chaos but a lot of fun with dancing, Bible stories, and face painting!

We spend quite a bit of time with the YWAM staff team here in Budapest as well. We are joining them several times a week at the YWAM coffeehouse for base worship, intercession, cleaning, and their Friday night cafe ministry. We have all felt incredibly welcomed and immediately included in their lives and work here. We are all doing well and are so excited for what Jesus will do in the coming weeks and thankful for what He has already done in the short time we’ve been here!

Thank you for praying for us! Continue to pray for boldness, ease of communication even with different languages, for us as a team to go into deeper intimacy with Jesus, and for people to encounter Him through us!

Do you want stories like these in your life? If so, why not apply for our September DTS

Visiting Central Asia

DSC_0977Please understand that security wise I won’t mention the name of the actual country we went and the people who were included in this outreach.

Often we hear about the Middle Eastern countries through media. We see overwhelming pictures of sadness and war. So when we think or talk about these countries it is often in a negative way. So when I was asked to join an outreach to Central Asia my first response was a “no”. I responded this way because I hardly ever heard anything positive about this part of the world. However, through listening to God I felt that He was encouraging me to go there in His protection and companionship.

In going to Central Asia we wanted to bless some long term workers with prayer ministry, preparing meals for them, doing devotionals with them, etc. I was very thankful to visit this country with my Co Worker who, because of earlier experience, knew the culture and language well. Before we went on the last plane we had to put on our headscarf which made me feel completely uncomfortable. I thought I was someone else and I felt captured in something that didn’t belong to me. I was afraid of going to a place where there was no freedom to just be as I was. That was contrasted when we arrived to our final destination, as we were received in such a friendly way that I would have never expected. While we were in the process of getting our passports and visa checked a guard asked if he could pick up our suitcases in the meantime. Once we were done with the process and were ready to leave the airport, our two suitcases were set aside waiting for us.


A friend picked us up and her guard took us to a guest house where we were staying. I soon found out that if women want to go anywhere they need their guard to take them. The guard who took care of my Co Worker and I often helped us carry bags and would help us buy specific items needed. He was always friendly and interacting with us in a very hospitable way even though he was very reluctant.

One day while visiting the corner store I watched my Co Worker have a conversation with the man we were buying vegetables from. I noticed the sales man was asking her something about me. Afterwards she told me that He was asking if I was ‘fresh’. I thought that was a nice way to put it. Another time when we went to visit our friend’s project, we had a warm welcome from the native workers. When the workers talked to us they made sure that everything was translated for me. I was astonished by how they included me the whole time, even though I didn’t speak their language. One of the ladies also entrusted me with her three-month old baby that I was then carrying almost the whole morning the first day we met. I felt so blessed and accepted by them and I would have never expected that.

Something else that I didn’t know before visiting Central Asia was their heart of hospitality. Once we went to visit a local friend who served us some wonderful food in a very generous way. I noticed this food was the best of what they had to offer. Their giving without restriction really touched me and I was blessed to be on the receiving end. I recognized that the people in this country were very open to receive us. Not only us as people, but when we shared Psalms, other verses, and words from God they seemed very encouraged even though it is a culture that is stamped by Islam. Sometimes I even had the sense that they were virtually longing for it.

Closeup of blue woman's eyes with east make-upWe may think that in such closed places it is hopeless to spread the word of God, because there is no way to do it if you want to be safe. Though it was almost as if His Word and the reality of His Kingdom seeping into this nation little by little. I was filled with so much hope and confidence that God is totally working in these places and drawing His children closer to Him, revealing himself to them.


This outreach absolutely changed my perspective about Central Asia through seeing it with my own eyes. I don’t want to beautify everything that I saw and the whole time I was there I often struggled with not being able to move freely where and how I wanted to go. The need to always be covered from top to bottom was quite challenging. In fact it occurred to me that there are many things hidden in this culture, not just in the way they dress but in human relations as well. One of my prayers for this nation is for more freedom to be released into the culture.

I know now with more confidence that God sees the people who live in Central Asia and He knows their needs and He is in this country establishing His kingdom in His timing and planning.



What difference does prayer make?

The word PRAYER written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer.

What difference does prayer actually make?  Two weeks in worship and intercession aboard a YWAM ship on the Mediterranean has shown me that prayer makes all the difference.  We had a strong impression in one prayer session that the Father is racing to embrace his sons and daughters – the refugees that are piling into Europe.  God is running towards them with open arms to welcome them as He welcomes the lost son in Luke 15, and He wants us to have His heart and not the attitude of the older brother.  He is asking us, as a family, to welcome them into our family.  Through our prayer a Spirit of adoption was released to receive refugees, and a corridor of love, life, joy and hope was established across the Mediterranean on the land and the sea to welcome them.  Not only has a gateway been established to welcome them, our Father showed us that He is actually walking on the water meeting the refugees as they come.  It is a time of great harvest when God is bringing home his sons and daughters from the ends of the earth.

Waves on blue sea behind the speed boat water in sunny day

The ship that we were staying on has not had a full crew and was lacking finances to the point that the organization was considering getting rid of it.  In our time of prayer we felt strongly that God wanted to keep the ship and to use it in some type of ministry with refugees in the Mediterranean; as well as make it a place where those onboard would mightily encounter God in dreams and visions.  

A few days after our gathering in Greece finished we received word that some Syrian refugees encountered rough waters on the Mediterranean Sea the very week we had been praying and sensing that our Father was walking on the water with the refugees.  The engine cut out on their boat, the waves grew big and water was spilling into the boat.  They cried out to Jesus, the waves calmed down, the engine roared back to life and they made it to Greece where they came to a church on Sunday and shared their story.  

One day later we received word that the organization decided to keep the ship we were on – they now have a crew through the 28th of February and they are indefinitely committed to work with refugees in the Mediterranean!  

What an immense blessing to spend these two weeks on a ship in the Mediterranean in the Fathers presence, and to see His love released from Heaven to earth through our time with Him.  

Two years since my DTS – Guest blog from Ann-Christin Werner

12000003_10205091941604105_1870205276_nIt’s almost two years now, since I started my DTS in Seamill, and well “spoiled for the ordinary” describes best what the time after DTS felt and feels like. Right after DTS in March 2014, God gave me a burning desire to take the experience I had in Seamill and to pass it on, experiencing God’s love and acceptance through community. I always struggled with “seeing” God and feeling God and simply accepting that He really is real. Of course I had personal experiences with him, just God and me, but it’s a whole other thing when God uses the people around you to show you what he has given you, to encourage you to follow the desires of your heart because it is him who placed them there in the first place, and to see your giftings and to walk with you. But overall to see that there are people who really believe in you, and who think you are absolutely valuable, simply because of the fact that God’s spirit lives in you and that you deserve to be honoured.

I was able to grow incredibly much and to heal real deeply in this atmosphere of love and acceptance. I never thought it is possible to experience such a deep connection to people that I would even go so far to call them family, and the only way this was possible, is because each and every one of those people around me was filled with the love of God and had become a deeper understanding of what it means to see people through God’s eyes. In his love, selfishness is not necessary because you simply know that he provides for everything you need.  I’m especially talking about the emotional needs we experience. When I know I am loved by the creator of love, and I am able to love, because he is love, it becomes the ultimate way for me to bring his Kingdom into this world, in a way that it is impossible for anyone to ignore it. This is my way of being a Missionary in Germany right now. It is my desire to show love in action and to show people then how real God is. The good and practical thing about a vision like this is, that you don’t necessarily have to go to a special place, because there are always people around you to love. The challenging thing about it is, that you often times wish you had to go to an other place, because the people around you seem not to be the “right” people to love, and you would rather love someone else. Well in those times, there is nothing left but asking God for new eyes for the people around you; and well again, he does that. So you never will get bored! Yeah! I’m joking a little here, but let’s be serious, this is not easy and I get overwhelmed by the need of the people I see around me pretty regularly.

Generic September DTS 2016- Flyer (inheritance)2
Now, I am studying Theology in Germany and there are way more questions than answers, and with everything new I learn, I feel like I know less. But with every breakdown, I get a deeper understanding of what believing for me comes down to, which is 1 John 4:16 – “God is love, and who remains in love, remains in God and God in him.” I feel like I don’t know God at all sometimes, because he is just too big, too holy, too awesome. If you study him and the old times, history, the original languages, it just seems too much sometimes. So much so that I lose grip on all that, but I can’t forget that I have experienced his love and I love people and have received love from people.  This seems to be something I can at least understand a little. So if God is love, and I see what love does to people, I feel like God becomes really visible and not un-seeable.

So, “spoiled for the ordinary” describes the feeling for me to not be content with an ordinary life any more because what I experience with God is anything but extraordinary, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

12029217_10205091941524103_2132635503_nThis is a reflection post from a former trainne, Ann-Christin who did her DTS with us in Oct 2013 and has been home to Germany to study. Here she is describing what it has been like to take the experience of DTS into her life in Germany.


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