Chloe’s DTS testimony

ChloeChloe (The Chosen Scot)

 What was your biggest revelation from being outward focused in Cyprus?

I think one of my biggest revelations from being in Cyprus was the whole idea of living a lifestyle in missions. We can invite God into the simplest of things. Like asking someone for coffee, for instance. That could be the first time that they have had a conversation with someone who is a follower of Jesus. So the question is, why wouldn’t I be intentional with that time? I don’t have to see their salvation to be a part of their journey, their story. Maybe that’s the first time that their story has been heard by someone who is willing to listen. We can’t underestimate the importance of listening to someone, showing interest in their story, wanting to know them. Their language, their culture, their experiences, all make up who they are. God created everyone differently for a reason – and those differences deserve to be celebrated, instead of just creating separation. Differences between people are how the Body of Christ functions. We are all given individual gifts so that we can thrive in the corporate. Instead of comparing differences, we are to recognize what the Lord has given, edify, and release!

In Cyprus, we helped host a women’s event. It was such an amazing time to be able to speak life into them – and to tell them who God created them to be, and that there are traits that they have that are direct reflections of Jesus. Sometimes it’s hard for people to make a heart connection with what God’s love is until it is demonstrated to them through God’s children. It was a little hard for us to think about investing in people that we met only once – but then I just kept going back to the need for discipling people and being intentional with the time that we had together. God doesn’t ask much of us; he wants us to listen and be willing to act. So I’ve learned that wherever I am, I am in the mission field. It’s not a specific circumstance or trip, but it’s an everyday commitment!






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