“Do You Remember the Golden Shrimp?”

 Testimony from Chelsea (Sept 2014 DTS):

Q: What was something you learned on DTS that you never expected you would be learning about?

A:        Holy Spirit! I went to a conservative church growing up, and I was never taught much about who Holy Spirit is. So on DTS it was amazing to learn about Holy Spirit and to learn how to pray and partner with Him. There’s so much more life when you work with Holy Spirit than just praying to God and hoping it works…


Q: Can you think of a memorable occasion when you partnered with Holy Spirit?

A:            Do you remember the Golden Shrimp?! We went to the Scheme near the village and asked Holy Spirit what he was doing in the neighborhood and how we could partner with him. I was really tired that night, and I fell asleep while we were waiting for our ride to come. While I was asleep, I had a dream about a glowing golden shrimp! I thought nothing of it at the time, aside from the fact that it was a crazy dream. 

            Then, as we were prayer walking, lo and behold I saw a golden shrimp in the window of a house! I got to bless the house and pray for the people living in it. It was so cool to see how Holy Spirit used something I thought was so insignificant to show me what to pray for and how to join in with what he was doing in the Scheme.


Q: Were there any times on outreach to India that you remember having cool encounters with Holy Spirit?

A:            One of the spiritual disciplines I did on outreach was the Prayer of Examen. When I looked back on my days, a consistent low was that I was not trusting God to tell me what I should do during a particular time in our schedule that was open. The high was always that God exceeded my expectations, speaking clearly to me and setting up people for me to meet. He knew what he wanted me to do in those times!

            Also, there was one time when we were doing intercession for an orphanage. Usually, I’m not terribly adept at hearing from God. When we prayed, I got the picture of a tree. I wondered whether it was God or my own mind that gave me the image. But then God gave me a verse from Isaiah, and I wondered whether that too was from God or from my own mind. It turned out that that verse in Isaiah was about a tree! It was awesome to see how God confirmed what he had been speaking to me, and how he guided me in what to pray.

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