DTS Hungary Outreach Update 3

Our DTS teams have only ONE week left of outreach! This is another update from our group in Hungary. Read on to fuel your love for people and the nations, and come to the Seamill Centre for our June Open Evening, when the DTS trainees will share incredible testimonies from their time on outreach. An update from our team in Asia will be available soon!


I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have flown by. It feels like we just got to Budapest, but we’re actually already finishing up this outreach!

We had an amazing and exhausting week at the YWAM Central Europe Staff Gathering in Vajta, Hungary. It was such a privilege to be able to hear from Loren Cunningham, but I think even more of a privilege to get to spend the whole week with the teens of YWAM! They are such a special group of people who also give so much as missionary kids along with their missionary parents. We had an amazing time worshipping with them through music and creative arts, sharing devotionals, hearing about their lives and all of the adventures they’ve already been on, and just hanging out being goofy with them! We played lots of games, went swimming, and enjoyed meals together too. We were all sad to part ways when our team had to head back to Budapest.

Here are a few highlights from the last couple of weeks:
During a street evangelism time, Anna got to lead a man to Jesus! She was just sharing with him about what Jesus had done in her life, and he decided he wanted to have that in his own life! We are hoping to reconnect with him next week. Please pray they’ll be able to talk again and that he will continue to seek and encounter Jesus in these coming days!


We were asked to play at the Friday Night Cafe, so naturally, we got a set together, made up a band name and took some band photos.

Another cool thing has been seeing how relationships we’ve built are growing, and we’re seeing fruit from them! Celena met a guy in the first or second week we were here named David. He had just come to accept Jesus a couple weeks before we came. He’s actually homeless and living on the streets, and before meeting Jesus, he was addicted to drugs. Jesus immediately set him free from his addiction, and he has been experiencing so much more joy and freedom since then! Over the weeks, David has been coming to the Friday night cafe, so Celena and the others have really been pouring into him. This last Friday at the cafe, he told us that he wants to become a pastor and tell everyone about Jesus. That night David prayed for another guy at the cafe whose knee was completely healed! He is so on fire for Jesus! And he actually joined us yesterday for our street evangelism time. He translated the gospel and shared his testimony through the microphone, and he was hard to keep up with in his enthusiasm to just walk up to people on the street and tell them about Jesus’ love! And all of this was his first time doing any sort of evangelism… Jesus is so good! 

The last highlight I want to share is God’s faithfulness to what He spoke before we left Seamill. He had spoken a lot about

friendship/relationships and also encouraging the local church, and He’s been faithful to bring opportunities to us for both! This Sunday we got to share at a local baptist church. They gave us twenty minutes to share testimonies and some music. Celena and Kevin shared testimonies about what they’ve seen Jesus do in this city, and I got to share a word of encouragement from the things we’d gotten in prayer for their church. Sharing in churches is one of my favourite things, and we all got really positive feedback from the people there. I think it was also a really good experience for the trainees to share in a church to prepare them for going back to their own churches this summer!

We are doing well as a team. We’ve really been asking Jesus how we can end this outreach well and strong individually and as a team. It’s so easy to just coast through the last couple weeks of an outreach, but none of us want to do that!

Some ways you can be praying:

– Good health for everyone! Celena has had a pretty bad cold for a few days now, but she’s pressed on like a champ! A couple others have had sore throats/stuffy noses too, so please pray for a healthy last week.

– Continued passion and energy for the ministries we’re involved with

– More salvations and people encountering Jesus!

– A good finish: that we can leave Budapest without feeling like there are loose ends or things left incomplete

– Breakthrough in a couple of relationships, especially with Bryce’s buddy Laszlo. He is so close to giving his life to Jesus, and we are all praying that he will make that decision while we are still here!

– That we would become even closer as a team, in ministry and at home; that we would know how to encourage and build one another up and how to really pursue Jesus together!

Thank you for supporting us in prayer! It has been such a privilege to serve Jesus with this team in Budapest!


We are amazed at God’s supernatural movements with this team in Hungary. Thank you for supporting our teams!