DTS Lecture Phase Reflection: Lauren Anne (CAN)

Lauren Lembo photo 1Lauren Anne (CAN) Lecture Phase Reflection

A wee bit of background about myself is that I started my journey with Jesus just under 3 years ago. I had only made a serious decision to follow Him in the summer of 2013. And it has been a seemingly impossible journey with Him ever since, and He has turned my world upside down in ways that I could never even dream of.

The first week of lectures paved the way for my growth with God for the rest of this season. I feel as if the nature and character of God is something that Christians are expected to know, but once we started I realized how little I actually knew. It was amazingly helpful to have it laid out in front of me who God tells us who He is, and how He has proved it time and time again. I made of a point of strengthening that foundation of knowing who God is throughout DTS in the amazing times, and the harder times. I was so surprised with myself on outreach in India when, having witnessed heart breaking injustice right in front of me, the first thoughtBible Hands that landed in my heart was: “but God is faithful”. Praise God for that work in me, and that a foundation that is continually being built upon Jesus can never be shaken.  

The next big revelation that I had was during the Father Heart of God week. I have this memory, which I’m not even sure is actually real. Sometimes to cope with things, your brain creates its own memories. Especially from early years.  Regardless of whether it is real or not, it has bothered me my whole life. The memory is sitting in the car with my sister beside me, and my mom driving. I’m about 4 years old. A bottle flies through the window, there’s glass everywhere. Where is my father? Is he not supposed to protect me? My whole life, I was looking for the wrong one. The one that left us, didn’t care about us, and took advantage of us was not the Father I should have been looking for. I was lead through a short ministry time in class, asking God where He was. He showed me that He was in the passenger seat, reaching back to take my hand. Where a Father should be. It was revolutionary for me.

I think the most profound lesson I learned was in three simple words from John 19:31- “It is finished”. When I look at that, I see two things. The first is the obvious: there is nothing that I can face that isn’t already overcome because of the Cross. There is nothing that can come against me, or that I have already been through that can keep me from moving forward as a light in a fallen world. The second is a commission. Jesus is telling us that His work on Earth is finished. He rises 3 days later, we rise with Him, Holy Spirit comes, and now we have the means to do greater things in His name than He did on Earth (John 14:12) because He has given us back the authority that man so willingly gave away. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “It is finished”, it is shortly followed by a “Go”.

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Before coming to do my DTS, my zeal for God was often not partnered with His heart for the world which is so clearly stated in the Bible over and over: to make disciples of all nations, to show the world that reconciliation to their Creator is the best thing that could ever happen to them, to care for the orphan and the widow. God created me to be a passionate woman, but for so long my passions were misplaced. Until I started DTS. I’m finding myself continually on a journey of discovering new passions, that all add onto my first and foremost: Jesus. There is an endless list of revelations that I could share, but I think it would suffice to say that DTS lectures was where I first learned how to really fall in love with Jesus. And I have. Time, and time again. I learned how to stay connected with Him, He came alive in my life, He has shown me a purpose and future that I could never have imagined for myself. He has shown me that my perceived ability (or inability) to do things doesn’t have much to do with what He has planned – it’s my availability that counts.

DTS prepared my heart for a life of willing, loving obedience to Him that first loved me. Sounds like quite the adventure, does it not?


2014 Sept DTS

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