DTS Outreach Update May 2016 part 2

10604097_978552955532769_4393318260984223680_oWe have two DTS teams out on outreach from our Feb school, here is an update from one of the teams in Asia, you can also read the Hungary update.

These few weeks have been very busy, but we’re starting to settle down in our beautiful host city! We’ve all felt that these last 2 weeks have been solely cultural orientation but in our times of debriefing our day and processing we feel that they’ve been necessary to work in this country. We spent our first 3 days in Asia resting and getting orientated by our hosts over a traditional meal (eating horse meat… and fat). We left the following day and had one the most beautiful and scenic 10hr 30min epic drive through the mountains with our driver who spoke very little English (this just gave us the opportunity to practice our language skills). We also had a great time of intercession cause… let’s just say that the drivers are… ummm… Fearless!!!

Rural landscape with small village in

Our host city is very different culturally from the capital as it is more the spiritual/traditional city, while the capital is more of a business/modern hub. We’ve been practising the language daily being taught by one of the local Y people here and practising it on shopkeepers. Our host here is a local and is a worker with an NGO called “Peacemakers”, which we’ll be working with during our time here. Peacemakers works to reconcile two different people groups, as there have been violent clashes between them over the years. They run children and youth summer camps throughout June, July and August. Although our team will be leaving before the camps start, it’s our privilege to help in the preparation and planning. As a team, we meet with the Peacemaker volunteers at least 2 or 3 times a week. It’s so amazing to be working with an NGO (that is held in high regards by the government) that is literally reconciling NATIONS!

Another event which we’ll doing tomorrow (Friday) is that we’ll be heading off to an orphanage to play games with the 180 orphans. We’ve planned a whole bunch of games and have prepared a dance as our presentation and have bought some presents to give to all the kids.

During times when we’re not meeting or planning, we’ve been praying and asking God simply what He wants us to do for the afternoon. This has led to some divine appointments as two of the DTS experiment during their first time out: they prayed and felt to go to a specific park in the city and along with that they had the impression of a flower. So while sitting on a bench they ended up getting into a conversation with a young lady who’s name just happened to mean “Day Flower”. “Day Flower” ended up inviting the girls to her Birthday party this coming week! The girls are hoping to continue this friendship and are praying for God’s perfect timing to share His love!

We’ve been praying for more opportunities to bless and connect with our neighbours, and today the girls got to go with our neighbour over to her village and experience a different setting. We are hoping for more opportunities to visit and bless their family as our neighbour/landlord has been more than generous and hospitable towards us!

Although it’s felt like a slow beginning to our time here, things are steadily picking up and our excitement is growing more and more as we see God moving mightily in this country and our team eagerly wants to be apart of it! 


Prayer Requests:
• Pray for vision, as we’ve been told it’s easy for pioneering team to lose sight if vision of why they’re here.
• Pray for our sleep, as many of us have either had a hard time falling asleep or have felt restless
• Pray for more divine appointments!!!
• Pray for Peacemakers, that our plans and prep. for the summer camps go well. Pray for more volunteers and increase in financial support.


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