DTS Outreach update May 2016

We have two DTS teams out on outreach from our Feb school, here is an update from one of the teams in Budapest, Hungary.

WhatsApp-Image-20160511Our first week in Budapest was amazing. The weather is great, the city is beautiful, the people don’t really speak English, and the team is doing really well!

This week was mostly spent getting to know the city and how YWAM works here, but also getting right to work. There is a team from YWAM Lausanne in Switzerland that is also doing their long-term outreach here. It’s been really good to have another team here so we can see how ministry works best in this city. 

We do specific street evangelism twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons. It’s really different from what we normally do at Seamill, but so far it’s been really fun and lots of good conversations and opportunities to pray for people have come of it. We set up a couple of speakers and microphones in the metro stations and then just go for it – singing, banjo playing, testimonies, gospel presentations, and the other team does a couple of skits. And of course, you can’t forget the Cupid Shuffle dance to draw a crowd! Our four trainees are so bold – they will literally talk to anyone about anything and end up sharing Jesus with whoever is in front of them. They are incredibly self-motivated and willing to do anything!

WhatsApp-Image-20160511 (1)

We have been working with homeless people on the streets on Tuesday afternoons, giving them sandwiches, chatting with them, and praying for them. I think this will be one of our group’s favourite ministry times!

We work with refugees on Wednesday mornings who are staying at a homeless shelter in the city. They are mostly from Northern Africa and Afghanistan. It’s a great opportunity to just talk with them (most speak at least a little English). We also get to hangout with a bunch of Roma kids for several hours on Sunday mornings. It’s complete chaos but a lot of fun with dancing, Bible stories, and face painting!

We spend quite a bit of time with the YWAM staff team here in Budapest as well. We are joining them several times a week at the YWAM coffeehouse for base worship, intercession, cleaning, and their Friday night cafe ministry. We have all felt incredibly welcomed and immediately included in their lives and work here. We are all doing well and are so excited for what Jesus will do in the coming weeks and thankful for what He has already done in the short time we’ve been here!

Thank you for praying for us! Continue to pray for boldness, ease of communication even with different languages, for us as a team to go into deeper intimacy with Jesus, and for people to encounter Him through us!

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