DTS Reflection Part 4: Altars

The fourth of our series of DTS reflections from Mark Carson, this centres on God’s leading and stopping with Him.

A lot has happened since my very important journey to the shores of North Ayrshire. I will try and distil this as much as possible, it has been difficult for me to take it all in. I even wrote on a thank you card to one of my visiting lecturers that she had caused my head to fall off!

A good place to start is to let you know that God is taking me back to school. During a class, we were encouraged to read through the story of Abraham and focus on all the times he stopped to build an altar. Altar items included livestock and his son Isaac (he didn’t end up burning his son).

Anyway, we were sent off on a wander to collect some items to put on our very own altar on the beach. The hope was that on our travels we would find an item that God would speak to us through about an area of our lives or a physical thing we need to lay down.

Before I set off I slipped to the toilet and asked God where he wanted me to go. He told me School, so I ran to the local school filled with anticipation of finding a revelation of what I need to lay down on the altar or at the very least a serviceable item for the fire (praying against any Isaac school children)

I got there and waited and waited until it was fire time. I wasn’t picking up anything from God or the ground. On my disappointed walk to the altar God started talking to me about how he was taking me back to school in this season. He reminded me about how I had hated school but this time it would be different. My school years had been all about performance and not learning. I learned later that a key role of Holy Spirit was teacher and that’s the best teacher a boy can have.

What stood out to me in the story of Abraham was not what he was putting on the altars or what that represented but the action itself of stopping to do so. As important and wonderful all of Gods plans were for the father of nations – stopping for God, the relationship, the friendship was what it was all about.

So, I laid down this six months, as crazy as they will be as an altar time.

But thinking ahead how do I regularly stop for God when I step out of this school?

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