Pay for your DTS

You have a few options to pay for your DTS, the easiest is Paypal, see below. You can also get in touch ( to send through a bank transfer. Fees must be paid on or before arrival.

DTS fees
Other Amount:


To register for your DTS, please pay the registration fee of £25.50 before we process your application.

If you have been accepted and you would like to book your place on DTS you can pay just the room deposit of £156

To pay for your entire lecture phase, including room deposit, the fee is £1975

To pay for your outreach deposit choose the £922 option

To pay for it all at once, choose the £2892

The reason the fees are slightly more than the official costs are to include the paypal costs. We have put these together to make it as easy as possible to pay. We are more than happy for you to pay through another option.

There will be an additional cost of somewhere between £300 and £1000 for the rest of the outreach depending on the outreach destination. This will mostly be the cost of flights to the nation.

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