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Definition of “Refresh”: Give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.


What is Refresh DTS?
Refresh is an opportunity for someone who has already completed a YWAM-DTS to take part in a YWAM-DTS lecture phase with the emphasis on engaging with God a second time through the lecture content. It is also a time to remember those impacting days of your first lecture phase and re-energise you for your life in missions, whatever sphere of society you are in.

Who is it for?
Anyone who has done a YWAM-DTS before and wants to refresh their experience with God. Also, it is for those who are in the thick of full-time ministry and want to step away from the busyness for a few months to evaluate where they are spiritually from a foundational level.

Every now and then we all need to stop. And refresh. For many their YWAM-DTS was a life changing experience. We also know that living life is tough – the challenges, the unforeseen events, the daily grind. So we are offering you the chance to take part in a “Refresh DTS” experience where you are able to be a part of the atmosphere of a YWAM-DTS lecture phase once again, learning, engaging with God daily, reviving your relationship with Him, and serving Seamill practically.

Practical details

  • Cost: £1900 (YWAM-DTS lecture phase cost)
  • Visa: Required for Non-EU, Tier 5(contact us for price)
  • Time frame: between 13-15 weeks
  • Dates: Either of our DTS’s, February or September

Aims and expectations of “Refresh”

  • Time for you to process with God and refresh yourself with foundational YWAM teaching.
  • Time to think about how to apply this as a lifestyle .
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of hunger and active pursuit of God.
  • Contribute to the Seamill Community as a Mission Builder through one of our backbone ministries(maintenance, housekeeping, hospitality, kitchen).
  • Be part of a joint Solidify and Refresh small group to process weekly.
  • Have bi-weekly meetings with either your one on one or line leader to ask about your reflections from Refresh. 

Any questions or want to apply? Get in touch: 

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