Are you ready?

Has God called you to be a long term missionary? Have you said yes but do not feel “ready”? Why not do our Solidify program which runs alongside our DTS’s, it will give you a strong platform to start from in your adventure as a missionary!

What is the Solidify DTS?

Definition of “Solidify” 1. Make or become hard or solid 2. Make stronger; reinforce Synonyms: harden – consolidate

What is Solidify? If you are a YWAM staff member, you have the opportunity to take part in a DTS lecture phase with the emphasis on engaging with God a second time through the lecture content but also observing from a semi-outside perspective how we do what we do and why.

Heart: We have noticed the transition from DTS trainee to DTS staff and being part of our community has been quite a large leap for most people (if not all). So we are offering you the chance to take part in a “Solidify DTS” experience where you do not have the responsibilities of being staff on the school, but you are seen as a Seamill community member, not a trainee.

Aims and expectations of “Solidify”:

  • Time for you to process with God and refresh yourself with foundational YWAM teaching.
  • Structured observation of us as a community leading a school, asking questions and looking to understand why we do what we do.
  • A time to look beyond simply “Your” DTS so that we do not assume but actively look to see what a DTS truly is.
  • Contribute to the Seamill Community as staff member.
  • Have bi-weekly meetings with either your one on one or line leader to ask about your reflections from Solidify.

What your week will entail:

  • Go to all lectures(min 12 hours, plus other “speaker” nights)
  • Go to the Inner Life and processing slot(2 hours), including doing the inner life disciplines during the week.
  • Engaging with the Lord on the lecture content
  • Engaging with the Lord on your place in YWAM, from what is being shared.
  • Observing and taking notes on how we as a staff and leadership run the school, manage the classroom, interact with trainees, integrate with the community etc.
  • Ask questions of the school leaders and DTS ministry circle outside of classroom times.
  • Completing assignments, evaluating your own learning and talking this through with your line leader or one on one.
  • Inspire the trainees by your walk with the Lord and openness to Him.
  • During ministry nights you are primarily there to receive from the Lord and the guest speaker.
  • Possibly going on the mid-term outreach, being a support to the leaders of that outreach, but again not leading just yet.
  • Thinking about how you are going to staff on a future school.
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