Join us at YWAM Seamill for something that is more than just an experience. YWAM’s Discipleship Training School provides a foundation for life and is a gateway to a lifestyle of radical obedience. It is about knowing God and making Him known.  Give 6 months of your time, and you’ll get a grounding in your walk with God, the skills to share Him with others, and a life that will never be the same. 

YWAM-DTS Dates: 3rd March – 3rd August 2018

Cost: £2700 (includes part of outreach cost, there will be additional costs once outreach locations have been decided, typically £300 to £1000 extra.)


About this YWAM-DTS

This will be a full YWAM-DTS, this means we fulfil the UofN criteria for a DTS. It is a time set aside for God, a time dedicated to Him, and when anyone comes to God whole-heartedly He rewards them with more of Himself! This means that on every DTS we see people have times of breakthrough and freedom as they get to know God more deeply.

Also, we have a desire as a community to be missionaries first and trainers second, that we do not create something just for our DTS’s but that our schools come alongside what we are already walking in and enjoy a taste of missions in a Scottish context. As part of this we will be running three tracks on this DTS:

1. Singer-songwriter– bringing God’s light into the music world.
2. Prophetic evangelism – communicating God’s heart supernaturally to those who don’t know him yet.
3. Arts and crafts – journeying with God as he reveals himself in and through the Arts and engaging with West Kilbride’s status as “Scotland’s craft town”.



The Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS) seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective.  In every YWAM-DTS, we see Jesus meet every trainee in deep and powerful ways, in healing, in passion and direction.

The YWAM-DTS course is a full-time program.  It consists of two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase. In the lecture phase, you will learn more about God and His world. You will learn not only from lectures but also from community living and practical training. The outreach phase focuses on applying what you learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us or check out our DTS FAQ page to find out more!


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