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More and more we hear of people struggling with mental illnesses of one variety or another. Thankfully we are no longer told to just “suck it up” and move on. However, neither do we want to be debilitated by the struggles we face. Join us on 21st to the 23rd Oct for an in depth seminar focused on mental well being and health.

Paul works with the NHS in England, but as a Christian has discovered that there is a another side to mental health that he can not go to. When he met with Greg he was able to look at the whole picture with someone for the first time, from a clinical and spiritual perspective. Based on the success they have had they will both share testimony and strategy for us all to be healthier mentally.

Greg Heyes met with Paul last year after he had hit rock bottom. The more Greg tried, the harder it was. Through Sessions with Paul and the breakthroughs gained Greg has come to a place of health and emotional wellbeing far beyond anything he has had in is life before. As he has walked out the healing Greg now has authority to teach and show others that there is hope. Greg will share some of his story and other key sessions during this weekend. 

This weekend will be beneficial for everyone, whether you are struggling yourself, live with someone who does or work with others who do.

Dates: TBC
Cost: TBC
Topics covered: Understanding Stress (and where this leads) including the Stress Vulnerability Model, History lessons (understanding the roots of problems), Be Still (looking after self, pausing and reflecting with God in his love), Scriptures and Government of self, STOPP how to manage life’s ups and downs, big or small.We are trusting that as we engage with our minds, will’s and spirits that God will minister to us in a holistic way and bring breakthrough’s for us and for those close to us.



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