Fringe festival testimony: Shine

WayneShine Outreach

Wayne Corrigan is from Australia and has been on staff at YWAM Seamill for a year now, sharing his faith with Scots, being a part of YWAM-DTS and helping out at SHINE!

From Wayne:

Scotland’s fringe festival is the worlds largest performing arts festival and not only is it a platform for nations but also for world renown performers, artist, and buskers to stage their talents.

Over the last three weeks, I have had the privilege of being part of this amazing event. We as the “Shine” community spent time together in prayer, worship and fellowship with each other before hitting the streets of Edinburgh to share the love of God.

One day we felt that God wanted us to celebrate the performing artists and people of Edinburgh. So we made a cheer tunnel on the Royal mile. We made 2 lines on the pavement and cheered for people as they walked through. To see peoples faces change from sad to happy really shows that God uses the small things to impact peoples lives.

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