From mission builder through DTS to full-time staff

Rebekka joined us in 2012 as a Mission Builder, she decided to come back to do a DTS, then on to a 2 year staff journey. It is never easy to say goodbye to the wonderful people God brings our way, but testimonies like this give us the perspective we need to know it is worthwhile. 

It all started with the three week long mission building in 2012. I had no idea where I was coming into! I just wanted to improve my English in an English speaking community. I didn’t really have a relationship with God at that time but I think it was always one of the greatest desires on my heart – to get to know him personally and to experience that He is the living God! I had no idea how or what to do about that but He obviously did.

God answered me.

At first I was almost more jealous, seeing all the people in Seamill having experienced God in their own lives and having a deep relationship with Him. I realised though, that there must be more and that it is possible to experience God in your own life!

I remember that I started crying (which I didn’t often do at that time) at the airport after I left Seamill after those three weeks, and I wondered why… I think it was because I had felt His presence so strongly in the community. From then, I always wanted to come back to that place!

During my DTS in 2014, God opened my eyes and ears to read and understand his Word, which I never really did beforehand. The first weekend we were given homework where we had to read a few chapters in John. I was almost scared to read it and not being able to understand it again. I went to sit on a bench outside and started reading. It was like scales fell off my eyes. I remember getting so excited about understanding the Bible that I just wanted to run through the whole garden!

And then I realised that this is the ground that I can build my relationship on and learn more about God even if I am not in Seamill anymore. 

After we finished DTS I felt that my time at Seamill was still not done yet!

When I told my parents it was the craziest thing to them to still not go to a university or get an apprenticeship done. Plus, raising your own support was a very foreign concept to them… but during a conversation we had had shortly after DTS, God completely changed their perspectives so that they eventually truly blessed me in going again.

Living on base as a staff member still brought so much transformation into my but also my families life.  My mum read the book: “Is that really you God?“, more than three times and gave it away to several people in our community and my sister gave it away among her friends. They all started listening to God’s voice more and more and formed a team within the community that mainly meets to come before God to wait for what He has to say. They called it “Team Vision”

My Dad once said to me: “Rebekka, I think our whole family was saved through you being in Seamill!” And I don’t want to exaggerate or be prideful about that, but there were lots of struggles and battles in the last few years within our family and I think through me living in the community, surrounded by so many people filled with faith, as well as our constant and set apart times to worship God, He was able to still bring hope and faith into our family when we didn’t see how to move on anymore.

So I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to Seamill and for you all as my brothers and sisters, that walked with me in prayer and faith and hope and love!

I think I truly was able to experience so much of God’s kingdom through the community, and I was also made me unfold more and more into the person that God has made me to be!


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