God is actually there in the difficulties and He is the fullness of peace.

DSC_0807Interview with Rebekka Kircher


So, Rebekka, what did God reveal to you about himself when you were on outreach?


I learned that God is with me no matter where I go. He gives me answers when I ask him about things; I don’t need to always ask other people, I can ask God. He showed me how to better deal with difficult situations or when things go differently than I expect them too. God is actually there in the difficulties and He is the fullness of peace.



Can you give me an example of when you were really aware of this on your outreach?


We met a woman who was in her eighth month of pregnancy. She had already had several miscarriages in the past and so we prayed fervently with her for the baby to be born, to be healthy and to grow up well. But then, after six weeks of prayer, the baby died in the womb. At first I got really angry at God. I thought: why did he allow this to happen? I sat down with my Bible and started to ask God questions and talk to him about the situation. God showed me some Bible verses where it talks about God especially being there in those moments of sadness. He makes those who are bent straight again; He lifts them high. He can also show his goodness in tough situations.


And then God also spoke to me about praying – wanting his answer, and not my answer – and he gave me a new perspective about praying. I always prayed for my will to happen but, never asked God what his will is for the given situation. Because of how He spoke to me, and what He said, I had a lot more peace about the situation. I started to pray for the woman to grow deeper in her faith, and not turn away from it because of what had happened (she had recently started to come closer to Christ). Her story was an amazing testimony to me because, despite all that had happened she did not blame God, but continued to pursue him. Her faith really inspired and encouraged me, and still does!

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