God…. this is your shot…

Josh strode into our DTS ready to see what God would do, if anything. After years of living as a Christian without really meeting God, DTS was a last ditched effort…

“God, if you’re real and you care, I need you. This is your shot…” Nine months removed from the man who prayed those words I look back at that stranger and wonder – what specifically happened? I know God began to answer his hearts cry. In a thousand broken moments – in peace or heart ache – spoke a still small voice that threatened to undo me… and eventually did.

And while God, and God alone, was the Saviour in the turmoil of my soul I must tell you of the community who walked with me during that tough, yet life-giving, season. I wouldn’t be the same man today if not for the passionate, honest community who were hungry for Christ, and Christ alone. Open and unapologetically laid bare about who they were, their lack of pretence putting into focus a desire for authenticity that, until then, I hadn’t seen manifest. Even their programs and efforts were simply a vehicle to follow Jesus wherever he may lead.

They also sowed a redemption of previous hurts. Christians, as it turns out, are – like me – fallible flesh and blood. But here I have seen that flesh and blood call itself nothing more than what it is as it moves to incarnationally imitate Christ… In this place I have known love. With all that said, today, as I leave this place I see a tough road ahead. But for the first time this side of adulthood it is a road laden with hope, and I’m not alone on it. I desire the source of the fragrance I have experienced here.

“You have said ‘seek my face.’ My heart says to you, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek.”

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