Greg Heyes | Testimony Part 1

GregI love to go out on the streets and step out in faith to see people healed! I try and look for the open doors God has for me rather than trying to make something happen. I was out on an errand in a shop in a local village one evening last week and found myself in a conversation with the shop keeper about healing. He’d seen me a previous day when I’d been out in a local town seeking to bring healing to people and he asked me what it was all about. Then, all of a sudden he leaned forward across the counter and said,”Pray for my shoulder now.” There was someone in the line waiting to be served so I quickly took the opportunity and prayed. He moved his shoulder up and down with a look of surprise as the pain had definitely lessened. I asked if all the pain had gone, which it hadn’t totally, so I asked if I could pray again. I got to pray 4 times in total, all quick prayers, and when he tried his shoulder pretty much all the pain had gone!!!
Then, I heard a voice next to me say,”Mister, are you a doctor?” There was a young boy standing next to me. Before I could answer the shop keeper said, “No, he’s a healer!” I quickly said, “I pray to God and believe He heals.” The young boy said his shoulders were really sore, and again before I could say anything the shop keeper said,”Get him to do his stuff!” I asked the young boy if I could pray for him and he agreed, beaming! I said a quick prayer and he shouted out,”That’s magic!” I then said to the boy,”Have you heard about Jesus?” “Yes,”said the boy. “Have you heard about all the miracles and cool stuff He did in the Bible?” “Yes,”he said. “Well, He’s still doing them today, and He does them through people,”I said. The shop keeper echoed what I had just said,”He does them through people.”I went home stunned at what had just happened and the ease and normality of it all. This happened on a short visit to the shops!!