Guest Blog: Sue Pratt, reflections on being a part of the YWAM Seamill Community

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Sue Pratt

From Sue Pratt for the YWAM Seamill blog

I have just had the privilege of being a part of YWAM Seamill for the last nearly two years.  In fact, this lovely coastal international team has been my second home for a number of years . I used to come to Seamill annually to help run our YWAM Leadership development courses. Always a place of inspiration, challenge, fun and friendship,  Seamill and Scotland have become part of my life in the journey of serving God in Christian mission.  It was therefore so hard to say, ‘bye’ a few weeks ago as I packed up my belongings, stored them in the loft, and headed south for Easter and then Spain to serve on the YWAM leadership development course.  The funny thing is, I see many others who, having moved on from Seamill, still miss the team, the people, and Scotland with all their hearts.

There is a deep well of life at Seamill. It is a two- sided coin. One, it is about getting closer to God through worship and Bible times together, release of the prophetic, and the discovery of individual gifts and talents. But, two,  it is about sharing the gospel of Jesus all over the world, near to home and in far flung regions; giving young people an opportunity to live as missionary evangelists, with a passion for justice and a heart for the poor. This is living out the YWAM mission statement, ‘To know God and make Him known.’ But there is a three and four and five about Seamill!  Things like Ceilidhs,  special break,  12 hour ‘burns,’ the river and gardens, the beach,  Light and Life ministry, the village, and going to Glasgow!  I could go on, but I need to stop.  To come to YWAM Seamill for a season of your life, whether for DTS, or another course, or to join staff, is something I believe will change your life, develop your vision, and enlarge your understanding of God’s work in the world. And watch out, Seamill may capture your heart!


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