Heart to heart

Another guest blog from our communications intern, Marieke. In this blog she reflects on what the Lord has been showing her through Creation and Communication.

One thing I was hoping to discover during my time here, is passion. Since I came here to do a communications internship, I expected that it would probably have something to do with communications. Although I like the things I’m doing here and the way I can be a support to YWAM Seamill, I’m still careful with calling communications my passion. But there definitely is something else I’m getting an increasing enthusiasm for.

The Highlands have fascinated me before and when I came here to do my internship, I was really longing for that feeling of fascination again. But Seamill is not really in the Highlands and it costs quite some money to rent a car and make a Highland-tour in the weekends. I was a bit sad that I couldn’t visit the Highlands as often as I wanted to. Because I was focusing on what I was missing all the time, I got blinded for the beauty I was already in the middle of. I just didn’t allow the hilly landscape to fascinate me, but something changed about that.

It was during a bus drive to one of the other YWAM Scotland bases. I sat at the window side and watched the green hills passing by. Every minute the view changed and I just didn’t get bored by it. I felt so small in the mighty landscape we were driving through. It was that feeling of totally being caught up by the landscape. Ever since that day in the bus I started to admire each part of this country more and more. God really opened my eyes and brought back that feeling of fascination which I thought I had lost.






Now I cannot put in words how I feel when I’m walking through the Scottish nature. I would describe it as a never ending warm embrace, even on cloudy days. Two words that come to mind when I’m in the midst of God’s creation is ‘majestic’ and ‘astonishing’. I can tell there is definitely some of Gods majesty visible here in Scotland. And when you have visited Scotland yourself, you would probably know what I mean by astonishing.

Every time I’m taking a walk up to the hills, a stroll on the beach or a trip to the highlands, the only thing I can do is keep thanking God. Thanking Him for bringing me to those places, for the creation He so perfectly made. Thanking Him for letting me witness a flawless sunset, for answering my wishes to see a deer, prancing through the woodlands. He is so merciful and so good to me that He reveals more of His majesty every day, if it was only to remember me I don’t need to search for passion, for it’s already there.

With everything I am I believe God shared His love for creation with me. In the midst of that creation, that reflects Gods glory and presence, I feel like I can communicate with God from heart to heart. In those moments I don’t feel any boundaries to connect with Him and to talk with Him. It makes it easier for me to open up myself to Him and to find Him and that brings me so much peace, freedom and joy!

So this passion for creation, which seemingly has nothing to do with communications, does teach me a lesson about communications after all. It’s all about finding shared heart pieces in order to communicate without being stopped by any obstacle. With that, I think I did not only discover what communications is all about or what it should be about, but also a heart piece of myself I had never seen before.

I’m starting to like the core essence of communications way better already!