Here’s the thing I know about evangelism: God is love.

Rachel AdamskiYou may ask why I have connected those two things, and that is a great question.  Before a couple years ago, my idea of what evangelism involved was a lot of anxiety and usually some sort of track to handout to people who didn’t necessarily want them.  And then I had a revelation about that statement I had heard over and over – God is love – and my perspective changed.  If God IS something, he cannot not be it.  So the same way he loves me, he loves you, and the person who is scanning my groceries in the checkout line, and homeless child sleeping on the streets, and the murderer who is serving 3 life sentences.  Our labels on people don’t change the fact that God loves them and wants a relationship with them because God IS love.  Through that revelation, evangelism became less about me, and more about God.  It became a privilege to be a part of someone getting the opportunity to encounter God’s love, and I was blessed to see that happen for many people.  But after a while, I wasn’t satisfied anymore with people just having these amazing encounters with the love of God and then going on their way.  I felt there was something missing.  And as I sat with that for a while, God slowly showed me why I was feeling that way: His desire is not just to encounter people.  His desire is to have a restored relationship with every person on earth. 

I share all that with you to share this (as an encouragement and as a challenge): In evangelism, there is absolutely nothing wrong with offering someone an encounter with the incredible love of God (sometimes that is all they can comprehend); BUT it is far better to offer someone the chance to begin a loving relationship with the God who created them.





Rachel Adamski is on staff at YWAM Seamill and led the Feb 2015 DTS where through prayer and wrestling through the fresh words of faith God was giving her for this particular DTS received the revelation she describes above.




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