Honest first impressions before dts and on arrival

We have just started another DTS and we took some time to ask our trainees how they felt before coming to Seamill for their DTS and what it was like once they got here while it is still fresh in their minds. Hopefully this will be encouraging for anyone thinking of coming to Seamill on DTS

Stefanie from Germany:Stefanie

What were some of your expectations before coming?
I didn’t think a lot. I tried not to think too much about it. I was open. I wanted to wait to be surprised, and see what would happen, and take it as it is. 

How have you settled in?
I am surprised at how fast I felt things were familiar and comfortable. It was really fast. It already feels like family.

Chelsea (CAN):

Built in 1891, as a convalescent home. Then a teacher training college

What were some of your thoughts before coming to DTS?
The grounds I thought were going to be gorgeous and filling all my little girl fantasies of Scotland. I was excited to live in a castle and to be close to a village and a beach. About the people, I was a bit intimidated by making friends with a new crowd of people, and following new rules by new staff. But actually, we bonded so quickly. I arrived on a Saturday, and by Saturday afternoon I felt comfortable. Everyone wanted to get to know me and hear my story.

What experiences helped you settle in? 
Getting along with new roommates and the staff and DTS went so well. The second day of classes, we had to tell each other a bit about ourselves so we could get to know each other, and it turned into a deep sharing where we shared so many things. Getting along with people went a lot better than I expected. 

TimmTimm (Germany):

What helps you feel at home?
I arrived the day before everyone else, and Ian showed me around. I was quite nervous to wake up the next day because I knew I would be meeting all new people. So I spent the morning unpacking and really moving into my room. Also the building is really cool. I felt at home quite quickly because the building is very homey. The tea trolley is amazing. It is essential for the community life! 

Nadia (USA):

Wildlife, birds flying by.

Why did you choose YWAM Seamill?
I was thinking ‘I’m going to live in a castle by the sea, but I have no clue who I am going to meet. I really didn’t think it through very hard, and I tried not to have too many expectations. I couldn’t wait to leave, because I saw the building and the town and I was thinking ‘I need to be there.’! 

What was it like arriving?
The minute I walked through the door, I felt totally at home, and like a part of the family. When I came in on the train, West Kilbride looked like a fairy tale. The sheep on the hill, the sky was blue, the sea was blue, the grass was green.

YmkeYmke (the Netherlands):

What was going on for you before you came to Seamill?
I was excited and expectant. I thought it would be nice and God is in the middle of everything. My emotions depended on the day. I was excited, nervous, happy, afraid and all of those things.

What has your first week been like?
Being here has opened my eyes. At the beginning of the week I was a bit uncomfortable, but now that I know everyone, I feel comfortable.

AnnaAnna (USA):

What were you feeling before you came?
I have been wanting to do this here for a long time, so I was really excited, and it was slightly surreal.

Has it lived up to expectations?
It was a lot different than I thought, but it was really good. God has already brought up things that I didn’t realize I had to deal with, and I feel more free to be myself.

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