Hungary outreach update 2

Our DTS teams are approaching the half way point in their outreach, and we have another update to share with you! These are just snippets of what God does on outreach, to hear more consider coming along to our Open Evening at the end of June where you can hear more stories and enjoy fellowship together. Read on for some encouraging stories from the team leader and some of the team.

WhatsApp-Image-20160511The last two weeks were full and pretty crazy. 

We continued on with what we were doing the first week – a lot of evangelism on the streets, went again to the refugee shelter and the gypsy kids church, passed out sandwiches to homeless people and prayed with them, and joined with YWAM Budapest for worship, intercession, cleaning and their Friday night cafe ministry. It has been really good to have consistency in the ministries so we’re able to build friendships and relationships with people!

Two weeks ago we also had the opportunity to partner with a small international church as they organized a “crusade”-like evangelistic event that took place last Friday and Saturday night. We helped them pass out over 1,000 flyers on Monday morning, and then the 5 of us joined their prayer ministry team for the Saturday night meeting. Jesus showed up in some amazing ways! Over the weekend at least 8 people gave their lives to Jesus, at least that many were healed physically in some way, and about 70 people heard the Gospel! The turn out wasn’t quite what was hoped for, but as the pastor said when we first met with him a couple weeks ago – if even one came to Jesus, it would be totally worth it.

That Saturday night, our team was part of four people coming into relationship with Jesus! Thankfully there were enough Hungarians for us all to partnered with someone who could translate. It was so fun to be able to do ministry with people who are so committed to seeing the gospel spread in their own nation!

We leave tomorrow (Monday) for YWAM’s Central Europe Staff Gathering where we will be working and hanging out with the YWAM teens during the days and joining in the sessions and worship times in the evenings. Loren and Darlene Cunningham are the main speakers for the week, and we are very excited about hearing them! It is going to be a really good week, and I think it will be good for us to be doing something completely different in a different place. We’ll be with about 10 teens during the week. Pray for us as we minister to the missionary kids and just hangout with them, and pray that we will be able to build good relationships with them and encourage them. And also pray for us individually and as a team to get everything out of the conference God has for us there! It is such an amazing opportunity!

One of our guy trainees has this testimony about cafe ministry on Friday nights:

Outreach has definitely been a challenge for me, but also very rewarding. I’m sure I could tell you stories for hours, but one in particular is very special to me. During cafe ministry our first week, I met a guy named Laszlo. He’s Hungarian. I saw him outside the cafe peering in, and I hoped that he would come into the building, thankfully he did. He looked lost so I thought I would introduce myself. We got to talking, and long story short, he’s not a Christian, but he’s what’s called a straight edge (they don’t do drugs or drink or anything like that). He is now a good friend, and has continued to come to the cafe on Fridays and we have been able to hangout outside of those nights. He had never heard the gospel before, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to share it with him. When I did, it was outside the huge basilica in Budapest, at night, with all the lights shining on it. I also shared some scripture with him and he responded to it well. He went home and read the parable of the lost son in Hungarian and said ” these stories are true, thank you man”. He hasn’t accepted Jesus YET but there’s still more time. Pray that he will choose Jesus!

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And here’s a testimony from two of our girl DTSers from street outreach:

Our testimony is about how God’s presence really surrounds us, that he works in us and gives us the energy to do what’s needed when needed. He really showed us that you don’t have to have the strongest faith, or be feeling your best to be used, but he will even use people who don’t even know him yet!

On one of the street Evangelism days, we went up to this random guy (we’ll call him Joe), found out he spoke English and probably talked with him for about 2 hours. He didn’t know or believe in God, but by the end of our time with him he had no reason not too. We were able to speak life over him, pray for him, tell him the Gospel, tell him our testimonies, answer his questions, and tell him how Jesus is so worth it! It was really amazing because as we were talking to him we were both filled with so much joy talking about our Father and our tiredness or sickness went away as we spoke. You could see the light in his eyes and how his expressions and attitude changed the more we talked. Joe said he wanted the joy and boldness we had, so we got to pray for him and tell him how… (Jesus! ) and he was saying how no one ever comes up to him (a stranger) and just talks to him, especially about Jesus.

As Joe was talking about that 5 different Hungarians randomly came up and talked to us, and since we don’t know Hungarian, he ended being used by God as a translator. And every person talked about Jesus! Joe heard so much about Jesus and was speaking it out, practically preaching without even realizing it! He probably heard the Gospel three times and each time he spoke it out!

The presence of God was just getting stronger and stronger, and at one point a drunk guy got super angry once he entered the atmosphere of God’s presence. He was yelling and being really rude, and ended up pouring his beer on our friend Lorrie’s head.. Yet Lorrie responded in love and just said that Jesus loves him… And then the man just walked away! Then this lady came up and told Joe that she had been praying for the drunk man to just walk away. So Joe realized how the man had left even though he was so ready to fight. But Joe witnessed Lorrie’s love and faith, and we got to explain all of this to him. You could tell that he was amazed, a little confused but really thinking. Sadly he was leaving for London so we couldn’t stay in touch, but I think Joe left with God working so deeply within him that he was already a a changed man. He took a Bible and as he walked away, another lady walked up and stopped next to us for a second. They were playing the song “Oceans”, so I turned to her to talk and looked her in the eyes. She immediately started sobbing. And she wept in mine and Anna’s arms as we prayed for her. There were others who were nearby who randomly broke into tears as well. The place we were in was just so filled with the presence of God that you could see him working visibly not just in us and the people we talked to, but in random people walking by too.

Some prayer requests:
– for good conversations and times of joy and laughter as we hangout with the teens at the conference, that this week would really impact their lives
– for relationships we’ve built with people during street evangelism and cafe ministry to continue to grow and to be fruitful!
– complete health for all of us


We praise God for all He is doing in and through our teams on outreach. Thank you for praying with us!