Interview with Angela DeBella: Communications and graphic design

AngelaWhat has your role been at YWAM Seamill?

I am a part of the communications team and therefore my role is to help facilitate communications on base. That means communicating what’s going on around the base, what is happening around the community and sharing Gods love through media.

What kinds of media do use and what is your favourite?

I spend a lot of time in Photoshop, and my favourite is photography. I have worked on various projects including redesigning an entire office, upcycling a lot of stuff around the building, rebranding and updating a lot of the signs and walls. I have helped give the building a more modern touch. I did a lot of the imagery on the new YWAMSeamill website, and helped create a lot of flyers. I have done a few videos.

I LOVE Instagram, we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but I favour Instagram. #hitemwiththetruth

ChalkboardsWhat are some of your favourite pieces?

The chalkboards that I have put up, five, large chalkboards that are something like 2ft by 2ft large. They contain chalk art, one says Love God Love people, another says “Welcome to our home”, the dining room has a Bible verse on it about eating together. Two downstairs have portions of an old hymn “Come Thou Fount”.


From your perspective what value does Graphic Design have in missions?

I think that, and it sounds kind of weird, but love. You can communicate love through graphics, you can share people’s hearts for what they believe in and what they are passionate about. You can share what we as a community are passionate about, and because we are passionate about Jesus it is Him we are communicating!

Everyone communicates, through all of time and space, cultures communicate, its what we as people do. Therefore as missionaries we are proactively communicating Gods love through graphical means as others communicate what they are passionate about.               

What potential do you see in being a part of a communications team?

I would love to see a full time team working on communications together, I believe people work best in teams. I would love to see a team working on internal communications as well as come up with outreach ideas. I keep thinking of the Body of Christ and how the different elements work together and what that could look like as a comms team. I would also love to see art being used more to communicate value and love to people.

What are some of the unfinished/ongoing projects possible with YWAM Seamill?

One of the big projects I would love to see is a constant flow of good high quality videos, either of what we do or people sharing their heart. That is something I have not been able to get fully into and I think people can respond very well to good videos.

There is also the constant updating of the website, imagery, information, testimonies, blog posts, content as well as complete overhauls!

We could also keep asking for fresh testimonies from each trainee that comes through our doors and recording them in various forms.

What are you going on to next?

I am actually going home. Family is what is most important to me and there is a need in my family that means I need to be with them at this time. So I am going home to be closer to them. But at the same time I will be able to be a part of my church media team (Grace Tulsa Church) and working back at my old day care job. I would also like to possibly help YWAM Seamill from afar.



Angela has been a part of the Commuications team as its only full time member for a year now. She has been invaluable to us in terms of raising the standard of our graphical presence and will be sorely missed.

Is this an area that you have talent in? Has God gifted you with graphical design skills? Writing skills? Website skills? Is God calling you to a missional lifestyle? Would you consider joining YWAM Seamill as a missionary communicator?

Get in touch to find out how!

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