Interview with Jelise Edgar: SHINE Seminar and the Global Sex Trade

jeliseFind out what would inspire 21 year old to educate herself on some of the worst of mankind?

What is the Shine Seminar?

“It is a 6 week course held in YWAM Amsterdam focused on global injustice issues and the Christian response. People from various nations will come together for training in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light district on topics ranging from a biblical perspective on justice and intercession to a snapshot of consumer economics, research on trafficking/prostitution, from those working in government agencies or community NGO’s. (description taken from the SHINE seminar website)”

Why do you want  to do this?

“In February 2013 God impacted my heart for this heavy topic when I first watched a documentary called Nefarious. After watching this documentary I was immediately saddened by what is going on in our world today and left wrestling with the question “what can I do?”.

Then in December that year I went to Cambodia and saw a lot of human trafficking where I was staying. We toured a lot of NGO’s who are actively working and fighting against slavery. I saw the organisations working with victims and realised how easy it would be for me to do something for them.

When I returned to Scotland from Cambodia God started sharing with me more of what He has for me long term. I prayed a lot and was poured into by other missionaries and I knew deep within me that this is something that God has called me into and I started actively saying yes to His call.

My desire is to show women their true worth and value, through Jesus. They are seen as objects in that world, but in reality they are precious and all made in the image of God.”


“I knew that I would need more training and education to be smart about going into this area of injustice, and when I heard about the SHINE seminar I was amazed at how much it fit with what I want to do. I am looking forward to gaining more tools to help me when working with victims and also tools to help me stay strong in my own faith as I engage in this dark area.”

What are your hopes working within Scotland?

“I don’t know yet to be honest! I would desire to see more people receive a heart for justice within Scotland. Starting within YWAM Seamill I would love to start a ministry team that would be able to intercede for and reach out to people in our area that are struggling with this. And to journey together with what Biblical justice is.”



Click here to find out more about the SHINE seminar.

Jelise is a Canadian who did her DTS in Wiler, Switzerland and has been a vibrant part of the DTS team at YWAM Seamill for the past 2 years. Like all YWAMers Jelise practices dependence on God for her finances, if you would like to contribute to her course fees please get in touch.


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