Joining new staff – Katy’s story

IMG_0106My adventure with Jesus has been pretty crazy, and not at all what I had pictured for my life. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’ve been a part of Youth With A Mission for 3 years now. I did my DTS in 2012–13 in Brussels, Belgium, with outreach to Bulgaria and South Africa (yup, you read that right). I also did a Second Level school, Kerusso: School of the Kingdom, in Herrnhut, Germany, with a two month outreach to India in 2014. 
After my DTS I had the opportunity to visit Scotland and YWAM Seamill for 10 days. I fell in love. I got to do some ministry in the village and caught a glimpse of the spiritual need of these beautiful people and God’s heart for them. I knew I wanted to come back, and that this desire was Jesus’ desire too. I was able to come two more times before I actually moved here at the beginning of September this year. 

Jesus has placed such a huge burden for the nation of Scotland in my heart. I long to see revival in this place, to see the deep wells of spiritual inheritance tapped into once again, and to see passionate lovers of Jesus released into the nations to bring the good news of the Gospel of peace. 

IMG_0355One thing that drew me to YWAM Seamill is their vision statement: “YWAM Seamill is a presence-centred missional community of radical world changers strategically impacting Scotland and the nations and equipping and releasing others to do the same.” Sound familiar? Jesus is funny that way — nothing is coincidence with Him. 

Life at Seamill so far has been refreshing, energizing, encouraging, and tiring. I have been here for a month now, and well, it’s been crazy. It has been so good to be back in community and around people who just love Jesus. There is something special about this place that gives way for encounters with God — there is space for revelation and vision, and Holy Spirit has permission to have His way here. 

One thing that has really stood out to me since being here is the culture of honour upheld by everyone. I don’t think I have ever encountered a community so full of respect and thought for neighbour as I have found here. It’s made transitioning to life at this base that much easier. Because of the culture of honour cultivated here, there is freedom to express yourself and your relationship with Jesus without needing to worry about what others are thinking. That has been huge for me. Not only is my spiritual life not judged, it and its expressions are encouraged. Not only are my personality and gifts not judged, but they are encouraged and welcomed and wanted. Everyone is celebrated; everyone is family. There is also then the freedom and respect needed to give correction, share struggles, and to walk together in the harder areas of life.

Another thing from their vision statement that drew me here was “Presence-centred”. Jesus has been teaching me a lot over the last several years that everything flows from the place of intimacy with Him. “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I flee from Your Presence?” We can’t escape Him. He’s always there. The question is, will we live in awareness of His Presence and will we let that knowledge change our lives? What I’ve found here is a community of people who are willing to be changed and who are trying to live in awareness of His Presence together. That alone is radical and world-changing. 

I am so glad Jesus led me to YWAM Seamill. I really can’t believe I’ve only been here for a month because it feels more like 4 months. Loving life here and excited for all Papa has for the future at Seamill!


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