Lynne Bailey – Reminiscing on her DTS experience 25 years ago

Lynne Bailey

Lynne Bailey is one of our longest standing community members so we thought we would ask her some questions on how she started with YWAM in Scotland. 

When did you do your DTS?

September 1990 at Overtoun House- 25 years ago this year

What was that experience like?!

There were 37 of us, I loved it! It was a chance to stop doing a job that I hated (lab technician), and have a time away with God and decide what I really did want to do. Some of the friends I made I’m still in touch with today.

So you were part of the team that moved to Seamill, how was it to move?

Actually I wasn’t. But I was staffing a DTS at Overtoun in the April of 1993 and we were given the chance to go over with the DTS and pray over this building that Wade Robertson (the then Overtoun House base leader) and another of the YWAM Scotland directors had seen, so we were there in the summer of that year, wandering around this big empty building, seeking direction as to whether this was the place we should move to….

I finished staffing that DTS in the September of that year and returned to YWAM Paisley for a bit. In the meantime the decision had been made to buy Seamill (I was on outreach in Albania at the time), and I was still in Paisley when the move happened. I came to Seamill a couple of months after the move in the April of 1994 to staff the first DTS that started and ended at Seamill. 

overtoun house






What have you enjoyed about being in YWAM for so long?

I’m really pleased to have found a job where I felt I fitted, after 10 years of being in a job that I just didn’t like.

What jobs have you found yourself doing over the years?

I have been the national bookkeeper in Paisley, followed by being the base bookkeeper at Seamill, and then became the national bookkeeper based at Seamill for all of YWAM Scotland.  That’s sort of what I am now.

I have been a staff member on 3 DTS’s, have taken outreaches to Albania (3 times), India (4 times) and been a part of outreaches in Romania and Turkey (3 times). I’ve helped YWAM in Spain with their accounting program.

Any fun stories you want to tell!?

That DTS outreach I mentioned before, I was leading with my good friend and fellow September 90 DTS graduate. We were just this little team in a small Albanian town in the south, one of the first Y teams they had seen. There was no other Christian presence. We went house to house leading Bible studies, everyone let us in. We were living in people’s homes. Not many became Christians, but one girl did anyway.  We left and gave the names to the next Y team who were going. Well anyway years down the line this girl now is married and is in church leadership and when I last saw was leading a worship school in the capital of Albania. It just goes to show, you never can tell what will happen to the people you touch.