Communications Team

Old rotary telephone with its receiver off the hook alongside a tablet computer showing the old-fashioned and modern forms of communication against a grungy wooden wall with peeling paint

Our reality exists because God communicated. Our communication team is dedicated to accurate, timely, relevant, encouraging communications of many forms. From social media to answering the phone our aim is to communicate with integrity. 

We are currently focused on our web presence and social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is a joy to be able to share what God is doing through us as a community with the world through these mediums. Our desire in doing this is that we may encourage others to be bold and take risks with God and to passionately pursue Him. We believe that the testimonies we share as believers are powerful in building and edifying faith in others.

We are always looking to add to our skill set and diversify our communications. Some areas of development are video production and graphic design.

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Stories from our comms team

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