World Changer

Do you have dreams and visions for missions that have been stirred through DTS but don’t know what to do with them? Our vision is to see you succeed and achieve the dreams and goals God has placed in your heart to be a missionary, equipped for longevity. We recognise that to live a radical lifestyle like Jesus did is not easy and takes intentionality and the support of community, that is why we have pursued God for a new training structure that would help to enable and strengthen people to do just that.

World Changer is an atmosphere and ethos of Seamill, a statement that all of us are intentionally developing ourselves and pursuing learning in the areas that we are called to minister in. It is first and foremost a spiritual statement that declares we don’t have all the answers are dependent on God!

World Changer is a leadership development structure that is a quantifying of that ethos and atmosphere. Living as learners. It is an attempt to put the right tools in our hands at the right time, to be wise in how we train and to bring in external input where required.

World Changer is a person…it is YOU, right now!
World Changer is a 6 module journey we travel together!
World Changer is the person you will be at the end of this journey!

The person you are right now is rich with God’s goodness and presence. We believe in you and want to welcome you to bring your riches to our community, to Scotland, and the nations. We also want to share our gifts, our resources, and what we’ve learned from our years of ministry with you.

The 6 module journey is one in which you will have opportunities to minister God’s heart into Scotland & the nations, explore your ministry dreams and take practical steps towards seeing them actualised, live and serve in community, and be mentored and equipped.

The person you will be at the end of this journey is yet to be seen, but we are believing that you will be transformed to be more like Jesus…with more life, more love, more power, more wisdom, more clarity & confidence in your unique and specific calling to change the world.


– All World Changer participants are full time YWAM Seamill staff.

– You join a ministry team and fulfil Gods mandate for being a part of our community in this time.

– World Changer is a light structure that integrates into your normal week, our input times are only once a week for three months of every trimester.

– Our input times alternate between content blocks and looking at YWAM Seamill’s vision statement and allowing God to teach us what His plans are for us as a community.

– The modules are flexible as we are a community on the move, therefore 2 years’ worth of modules can be completed over 3 years to enable you to miss some to go on outreach/conferences/schools/support raising etc.

– We have two intake times in the year, the start of September and May.

Overview of World Changer Modules:

– Life as a YWAMer

– Leadership and living in a discipleship culture

– Tools for effective ministry (DISC, how to create vision etc)

– Ministry implementation tools  (strategy, vision implementation, budgeting etc)

– YWAM Big Picture

– Multiplication – What am I multiplying and how (Kingdom, culture of honour and more)

For more information or to apply for YWAM Seamill staff and World Changer please email

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