One day I received a new hunger, a new passion for God

From time to time people come to YWAM Seamill to volunteer and bless us with their practical gifts, sometimes it is to fill a space in their calendar (for example during summer holidays from University), other times it is to help them improve their English (As in this case), or simply because they know their practical skills would be very useful (like a trades person). This is a short reflection from Sarah who came to us during her summer break from a university in Paris with a desire to serve and learn English. She didn’t expect what happened next…

SarahI am Sarah from France and I have been a Mission Builder here in Seamill for 2 months. In a few days I will come back home and I am not the same person than when I arrived.

The highlights of these 2 months I spent there are my spiritual growth, and the amazing people I have met. Indeed, the community here is not a mere group of people who work together and have the same vision, it is a family. And now I feel that I am part of this family.

When I arrived there, 2 schools had already started, so there were a lot of people who already knew each others and for me it was hard to integrate (it’s often hard for me to connect with new people, and the language barrier was a real problem at the beginning). However, I felt really welcomed, and the atmosphere was warm so I soon started to feel really comfortable.

This was the time and the place for God to transform me forever.

One day, during a worship time, I received a new hunger, a new passion for God. It is like it fell on me all of a sudden. Since this day I have spent much more time worshipping God than before.

Some days later, my little sister sent me a message to tell me she would be baptised on the next day. I am convinced that what happened next could not have happened if I hadn’t started this deeper relation with God. I directly felt a huge joy like I have never felt, and I spent the next 1 or 2 hours being not able to do anything else than thanking God and praying for my sister’s life and it was so intense. I kept this joy for about one day and a half. Most of the time I am really a joyful person but this joy that I had was more intense than I could have ever imagined. It made me dance and sing and laugh and thank God all the time and feel so good. This experience was really amazing.

I also grew spiritually through living with this community. There is a real culture of honour here and people’s behaviours inspired me. I learnt a lot and I long to bring this atmosphere in my own communities when I come back home. Some conversations were very important for me as well. I have been able to hear God speak through some people here and it sometimes lead me to think deeper about things like God’s will for my life, my own dreams, how to be a missionary in daily life… Last but not least, meeting people from so many different countries gave me a curiosity, a wish to travel and discover more about other cultures.

I have been so blessed here that I couldn’t write all the good things that happened to me. However, I don’t want these 2 months to be just a sweet memory. I have a strong desire to use them as a start for a new life, to keep growing in Him and to shine in a new way thanks to all that I have learned and received.


Sarah helping in the kitchen

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