Outreach Testimonies from Sept 2014 DTS: Taylor Dart

IMG_20150306_132704414[1]Taylor. Kolkata Outreach

Describe some of things you did on outreach?

One of the things we did was work at a home- it was kind of like an orphanage, but the people that ran it wanted to make it feel like home to the kids, so they called it “Happy Home”. That was probably one of my top favorite places to go. When we first arrived they had about 60 kids, and by the time we left they had 70.

What was something that impacted you on outreach?

I guess, I learnt how to be present, in every day. When you’re working with so many ministries day after day (Happy Home, Sunday school in the slums, teaching English classes, etc.) it’s easy to just go in and do what you plan to do, without really investing yourself in them like Jesus would have.

How would describe your experience as a whole??

Challenging… tiring… But getting to see what Jesus was doing in the lives of people- it was exciting to see, and that was worth using a squatty (haha).

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