Revelations on Communication: Jesus Christ our Brand

Marieke de Klerk is working on a communication internship at Seamill, from her studies in Holland. Here she shares some thoughts and a major revelation she has had during her time with us.

About a year ago I decided I absolutely did not want to devote my future to communications. I just came out of a season in which I had a negative experience with communications. Now that I’ve been working in communications for YWAM Seamill for a while, I have received a totally refreshed vision.

One thing that caused my slightly negative vision on communications, was people’s opinions about my study. ‘Communications – that’s the study you pick when you have no clue what to do with your life.’ Or: ‘Communications – aren’t those the people who just make flyers and answer the phone all day?’ Not many times I felt taken seriously with the study I do. At some point I didn’t even take myself seriously anymore.

My time with YWAM so far has been a time of redemption of my negative association with communications. I learned a lot about the importance of communication, how it can actually contribute to the organisation’s mission and even inspire and encourage people. Of course I knew this already, but I now realise I never fully believed it.

I got the privilege of meeting people in YWAM with a great passion for communications. Their enthusiasm really gave my vision a good boost. During a recent course I followed in Branding, Marketing and Strategy, I had a huge revelation. Our communications job in YWAM is to represent Christ. We want people to associate YWAM with Jesus and vice versa. Jesus is the reason YWAM exists, He is the core of our identity. Our job is to show that to people, and communications is one way to do that. What an honour it is to be Jesus’ brand ambassadors!

I think it’s time for me to take my job more seriously and remember who I do it for. I need to focus on the heart of God and not let me stop by what the world says about my profession. With all the revelations God gave me and the new vision that has been developed in my heart, I’m ready to impact the world with the task I’ve been given.


Do you want to be part of our Communications Team and change the world with your creative skills? E-mail us for information, we’d love to tell you more!

YWAM Foundational Value 18. Communicate with integrity
YWAM affirms that everything exists because God communicates. Therefore, YWAM is committed to truthful, accurate, timely and relevant communication. We believe good communication is essential for strong relationships, healthy families and communities, and effective ministry.

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