School of the Word and Spirit update


The School of the Word and Spirit (SWS) is a 6 week journey through the Scriptures with Holy Spirit. We have loved to see what God highlights each year and see the school itself develop over this time, even to the point of being pioneered in Charlotte, North Carolina this year. So it is important to hear from Yolanda, one of the pioneers of the school and current school leader as to it’s future at Seamill. 

Go deeper, live rooted, be transformed, be fruitful

Our 6th SWS here at Seamill was absolutely amazing! Amongst the 17 staff and participants were 10 nations represented and God met with each one of us. Lots of revelation from the Scriptures, amazing times of powerful intercession for nations as well as changed minds, renewed hearts and bodies. It was such an honour, humbling and thankful experience to hear one testimony after another of all God did. God has amazing children! What joy to spend 40 days like this.

Having had 6 years worth of these schools full of God’s presence and active involvement, we felt from the Lord to take a step of faith and have a shabbat (a rest, or cessation) for 2016. We believe that obeying Jesus in this will only strengthen the course and us. Therefore we are looking very much forward to the SWS in the Summer of 2017 and I can’t wait to see what God will do!

In the meantime the team will be busy pioneering this course in the USA and we are praying about some events here in Scotland.

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Yolanda Oosthuizen

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