So where does God want you to go next?

Where nextThis was the question our guest speaker Rosa asked each of us in our DTS classroom, a week before our outreach. This was the first time I had actually been hit with that question, and the first time I even IMG_1071began thinking about what was next for me. Rosa continued explaining how God has a specific plan for each of our lives after DTS,
a place for each of us, and it was as simple as asking Him “where?” If I’m going to be completely honest, I really didn’t expect I would hear anything from God during this time. It was kind of a spur of the moment question I was asking him. But, I moved over to the giant world map on the ground, closed my eyes and asked God. “Tanzania” He said. “Tanzania? What? Where is that? Is that a country?” I quickly opened my eyes, excited that I just heard God really clearly. But, where was Tanzania? I looked all over the world map until my eyes met Africa. I can’t begin to tell you the excitement that stirred inside of me and how much peace I felt about it. So, for the next week I prayed about it, and even asked a few others to pray with me about it as well. We all felt this was really where God was telling me to go next.

IMG_1455After my outreach, we had a week’s lesson on “What’s Next?” During this time, my leader Ian, handed me a name and email of a contact in Tanzania! Simple as that. That evening, I e-mailed my contact and told her that I have honestly no idea what I plan on doing there yet, but I was called to Africa and I asked to get some information from her about the YWAM base in Morogoro. After a couple of months and over 50+ emails, I began to support raise for Africa! Thanks to friends and family, I raised exactly the amount I needed. God is so faithful. On July 1st, I was on my way! I was filled with so much excitement and uncertainty. I really had no idea how God would use me, but I had heard clearly from Him, so my only job at this time was to show up and be available, to say ‘Yes!’

IMG_1393Throughout my time in Morogoro, I became an English teacher to 17 students, helped out in the primary school, and spent some time with a Maasai tribe. Truly, these experiences will be in my heart forever. I found out there was and is a HUGE need for English speakers to be teachers there. They had been praying for a long time that more English speakers (first language) would come, so they were so excited and thankful that God answered their prayers by sending me for 2 weeks. This gave them a lot of encouragement and a new sense of hope to know that God is definitely not done there-that He’s still calling others to their base.

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I’m so thankful that I was blessed and able to follow God’s voice with such fluidity. The friendships that I made there mean so much to me and I’m happy to have shared God’s love with them as well as their base. When we obey God’s voice, we are blessed to be a blessing!


-Carrie Weigandt


Keep in touch with YWAM Morogoro through their Facebook page, also consider doing a YWAM-DTS at Seamill or another location to go on your next adventure with God!


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