Spanish Revelations – B2B

For me, the beauty of the B2B came from the way the staff modelled God’s work in their lives. They clearly led with Jesus as their focus, which made a way for God to do what he wanted to do during the week – Madeleine

Four of us from the September DTS team and Justice Team travelled to Malaga, Spain for a leadership seminar. The B2B (B the Leader God Wants You 2 B) is beneficial for any emerging leaders in YWAM, especially those staffing DTS, leading teams, and/or are interested in growing in leadership skills.

Gwen, Madeleline, Wayne and Taylor at the Málaga base.

Gwen, Madeleine, Wayne and Taylor at the Malaga base.


We don’t want to keep the revelations all to ourselves, so here’s a taster of what each of us learned during the B2B:

Going into the B2B, I had high expectations to experience a business-like atmosphere full of lectures and practical applications, and to walk away feeling competent and bold as a leader in Christ. Coming out of the B2B, I felt my expectations weren’t met the way I had expected, but were instead far surpassed. Not only did the B2B give applicable tools for leadership, it had staff that lived and breathed what healthy leadership looked like, and it was an honour to witness their example. Every day they poured their love, encouragement and wisdom into us, not only as students but as the future leaders of YWAM, whom they are excited to see rise up as a generation. They encouraged us in our failures, they strengthened our weaknesses, and they heavily invested in our futures. I would recommend the B2B to any young leader because through it I came to see myself as the leader God wants me to be and I am honoured to serve him in whatever future he has for me!
– Gwen

The B2B helped me understand that leading is all about letting my relationship with God overflow into how I manage people and/or tasks. Everything I do should happen because I am focused on Jesus. I came away from the week with a lot that I want to develop in, but also extremely encouraged and refreshed. I felt so invested in by the staff and other participants from around Europe. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to receive tools and support from seasoned leaders to continue on my leadership journey.
– Madeleine

At the B2B I learned more about myself and my real identity in God. I had the realisation that to be a good and effective leader, I must truly live out my identity in Christ and how he made me. I don’t have to fit the mould of someone else.
– Taylor

The B2B leadership workshop equipped me with practical tools for lifelong leadership. It ignited a greater passion for me to lead with the Holy Spirit and to release others around me to lead well, too. Throughout the week, we looked at many different topics, like how to lead in teams, running a small group, conflict resolution, DISC personality tests and the character of a leader (by looking at biblical examples). It was such a refreshing week filled with tools I will carry for life.
– Wayne

We are so thankful for the blessings of fellowship and wisdom that came from our week at the B2B. If you’re intrigued to learn more about the B2B, or other leadership opportunities with our friends in Malaga, visit their website and get in touch!

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