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YWAM Seamill introduces the School of Spiritual Deepening, a new type of school in Youth with a Mission.

Dates: TBC

“Too much of your surface is exposed to the breath of every wind that blows. You must learn to dwell deep.”

Written by Amy Carmichael, who dedicated her life to ministering Jesus’ heart to India for over fifty years, these words were the response of Father God to a question from His activist child…who expressed, “My longing is to heal the broken and the weak, to defend the maimed, and to lead the blind to the sight of the glory of the Lord. My choice is to be a corn of wheat and fall into the ground and die. Then why these waverings?”

As YWAMers this question resonates with us. Knowing God and Making Him known is the core of who we are. There is a passion and a drive in our hearts to respond to Jesus’ call to go and make disciples of all nations…to tell, to train, to serve, to love, to teach, to preach, to heal, to do all we can to make God known in every sphere of society in as many ways as the imagination can conceive. We give our lives in wholehearted surrender, ploughing ahead to fulfill this calling, starting new works and ministries. Yet there is always more to be done, there are many challenges, and deep down we know that passion and drive alone will not sustain us. Why these waverings? What will enable us to not only survive but thrive in the work God has given us to do? This new school is a response to that question.

Come and join us for the School of Spiritual Deepening….40 days to simply be with God, learning to dwell deep with Him.

The school will consist of weekly teachings on topics such as:

  • • Cultivating a life of intimacy with God
  • • Being oasis-people in dry places
  • • The mystery of Christ being formed in us
  • • Growing in the face of suffering
  • • Living from our true home in Christ
  • • Discerning Jesus’ voice in our deepest longings
  • • The role of community in our spiritual formation
  • • Daily rhythms of prayer, pauses, practical work, and creative expression
  • • Exploring and practicing spiritual disciplines
  • • Learning from the spiritual journeys of elders in our mission
  • • Workshops designed to activate and strengthen our spirits

Our aim is for participants to return to their places of ministry refreshed in body, soul and spirit and with a fresh approach to ordering their lives around values, practices, and relationships that will lead to an ever-deepening relationship with God and thus lives lived to the full.

For information &/or an application e-mail:


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