These are a few of my favourite things

Five of the things I like most about West Kilbride: by Marieke De Klerk

Our base is located in West Kilbride, a small coastal village in the West of Scotland. Before I came here, I Googled this place to see what I could expect. I wasn’t expecting much before I arrived, but the opposite is proven: it actually is a cool village with a lot in this place that can cause daily amazement! I’d love to share some of the things I appreciate most about West Kilbride.

1. Sheep!
I’m from Holland, a country with many sheep, nothing special. But Scotland gave me a whole new perspective on sheep. Here, fences around sheep meadows are actually made to keep the sheep in, rather than to keep people out! I love to just walk by the green hilly pastures and see how the sheep are grazing, sleeping or running away from me. And in spring it’s even better. Apart from grazing sheep, there are also happy little lambs, jumping around or cuddling with each other. It’s the most adorable thing! And I love adorable things.

2. Fancy restaurants
Want to go out for a drink or a bite? It’s only a three-minute walk to the nearest restaurant. It’s practically on the beach, so you will be provided with a nice view as well. The first time I went there, I had no clue that it was quite a posh place. So I walked in with my jeans and big walking shoes which had a lot of mud on them. Embarrassment fell upon me when I realised a wedding was going on and many fancy-looking people stared at me as I hurried to the bar. However, when I dress up and enjoy the restaurant it helps me to realise even more that i’m from royal origin, and that I’m a princess in the Kingdom of The Most High King!

3. The Glen
More about those muddy shoes. Whenever I need to go to the train station, the supermarket or the post office, I get to walk through The Glen. It’s beautiful! Every time I walk there, I can let go of everything I’m busy with. In those moments I just have time to admire Gods Creation. But I also learned another lesson: after rain comes mud. So, wearing proper shoes is quite important. You’re mistaken if you think you can go into The Glen and get out with clean shoes. But the surroundings are definitely worth it. You just have to enjoy the trees and the burn, and take the mud for granted!

4. Time travelling
I’ve had a friend coming over to West Kilbride to visit me. When she got off the train, she said: “Wow it really feels like I’ve been traveling back in time!” This village just seems so picturesque and it really has this historical look. It probably depends on what you’re used to though.

Two weeks later, another friend came over, and she noticed the same thing: “When I arrived here, it really felt like I’ve been going back in time!” So I guess it’s true: this village takes you back into different times. Good times, for sure.

5. Ocean and island view
I wonder if there is a person on this planet who wouldn’t appreciate ocean view. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful view from my office. You can have this view from many places in West Kilbride, unless a house is blocking your sight. And on clear days, I can see Isle of Arran, rising from the horizon. Ever since I climbed Goatfell, the biggest mountain on Arran, I’m even more amazed by this view. It makes me realise that seemingly impossible things can actually be possible.  


What are your favourite hotspots in West Kilbride? Let me know! Maybe I can add them to my list as well 😉