In the final blog from our intern Marieke, she reflects on her time with us and what God has done in her and through her.


That’s what you are


Tho’ near or far”

I love looking back on the past few months. Bringing up memories, reflecting on my growth, giving thanks for all the great people I’ve met; it gives me so much joy. But on the other hand, realising this is coming to an end is quite sad too.

The other day, one of my friends and I were talking about what I will miss most. I came to the conclusion that I will miss having passionate Christians all around me the most. I’m going to miss the moments of worship that we shared as a community, simply being one in praising the Almighty God.

The past half a year I definitely discovered that God is a Great Giver, a God of abundance, a God who loves His children unimaginably much. I feel truly blessed, I received way more than I could ever hope or imagine. He gave me new friendships which I know will last forever. He taught me things about myself and because of that I now feel peaceful and confident about myself and who I am in Him. He worked on my heart for communications by showing His heart for it. He even gave me more love for Scotland. I think the best thing He gave me though, is new future perspectives. I chose that I want to live the adventurous life by partnering with God and I’m super excited to see what that would look like! As we like to say it here at Seamill: “Bring it on!”

God has given me so much more passion for life in general. He showed me what it is to walk with Him and how life can be full of awesome surprises when you dare to let go of control and trust Him in all things. That’s where the fun stuff happens; in complete surrender to God.

Before I wrap up my goodbye blog, I want to honour my Comms Team mates. They have been such a big part of my journey and God has definitely used them in making my time so unforgettable. They have shown what servant leadership looks like and I’ve been so inspired by them. Through their passion for communications I experienced communications in a different way. Thank you Comms Team for being awesome and such good friends to me! Thank you Seamill community for welcoming me into the family. You are all amazing radical world changers and I love you all radically much!