What difference does prayer make?

The word PRAYER written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer.

What difference does prayer actually make?  Two weeks in worship and intercession aboard a YWAM ship on the Mediterranean has shown me that prayer makes all the difference.  We had a strong impression in one prayer session that the Father is racing to embrace his sons and daughters – the refugees that are piling into Europe.  God is running towards them with open arms to welcome them as He welcomes the lost son in Luke 15, and He wants us to have His heart and not the attitude of the older brother.  He is asking us, as a family, to welcome them into our family.  Through our prayer a Spirit of adoption was released to receive refugees, and a corridor of love, life, joy and hope was established across the Mediterranean on the land and the sea to welcome them.  Not only has a gateway been established to welcome them, our Father showed us that He is actually walking on the water meeting the refugees as they come.  It is a time of great harvest when God is bringing home his sons and daughters from the ends of the earth.

Waves on blue sea behind the speed boat water in sunny day

The ship that we were staying on has not had a full crew and was lacking finances to the point that the organization was considering getting rid of it.  In our time of prayer we felt strongly that God wanted to keep the ship and to use it in some type of ministry with refugees in the Mediterranean; as well as make it a place where those onboard would mightily encounter God in dreams and visions.  

A few days after our gathering in Greece finished we received word that some Syrian refugees encountered rough waters on the Mediterranean Sea the very week we had been praying and sensing that our Father was walking on the water with the refugees.  The engine cut out on their boat, the waves grew big and water was spilling into the boat.  They cried out to Jesus, the waves calmed down, the engine roared back to life and they made it to Greece where they came to a church on Sunday and shared their story.  

One day later we received word that the organization decided to keep the ship we were on – they now have a crew through the 28th of February and they are indefinitely committed to work with refugees in the Mediterranean!  

What an immense blessing to spend these two weeks on a ship in the Mediterranean in the Fathers presence, and to see His love released from Heaven to earth through our time with Him.