What is it like for a child minder to arrive at YWAM Seamill?

photo“My first experiences when arriving at YWAM Seamill were immediately directed towards the welcoming atmosphere, because the way to the base wasn’t very well lit and it was already getting late. I came to serve as a child minder for a couple attending the SWS and thought I would be mostly secluded having a completely different schedule from everyone.

I was really touched when upon my arrival I received a note seeing I had been prayed for. Also within the course of the next days, all of the staff and students welcomed me lovingly into their fellowship. I immediately felt in my spirit that this is truly a place of peace and clarity. I look forward to the next six weeks, not knowing what else might be ahead for me in being a part of this encouraging community.”



Caroline Lehikoinen is from Finland and is here to look after a wonderful toddler so her parents can participate in our School of the Word and Spirit