When God says YES

In this blog Taylor, one of our precious staff, shares about how God has brought her to Scotland and how He has been working in her and using her passions and dreams to bless others ever since.

“At younger age, I thought I’d become a publishing editor. However, when I asked Jesus what He wanted me to, He told me to become a missionary. When God says yes, I’m too grateful to say no. He has done so much for me, obedience is an important thing in my life.” Taylor (26).

“After my brother came back from his honeymoon, I had no place to stay anymore. A friend suggested that I do a DTS with YWAM for the summer. I was under the impression that it would just be an easy couple of months with the additional bonus of growing in God. Few years later I’m still with YWAM in Seamill, Scotland. The best thing about this place is the kind and welcoming culture that is over Scotland. You can go around without knowing anyone and get invited for a cup of tea. There is something about sitting down and having a nice cuppa and enjoying each other’s company, which is absolutely the best. I love making connections and inspiring others with what God is doing here in Scotland.

Currently I’m working with a few ministries as Shine Outreach in Edinburgh, the world’s largest performing festival from theatre to music to multi media arts. I love creative arts and I’m still developing my passion for it. I like writing and sculpting and although I haven’t really done that much, I’m pretty sure God can use my passions in the mission’s field. I’m also working to bring more of a family atmosphere in regards to our community kitchen. When I came on staff here, I worked in the kitchen a lot. The first six months were really hard. I didn’t know how everything worked and we were late for dinner quite a few times. Still I knew God wanted me to be there. I wasn’t sure why until two years later when I saw I had grown a lot in those years. God has been making me stronger during those years so I can handle all the things that I’m dealing with now. He has been using the past few years to grow my strength and endurance. Now I see Him opening new doors for me!

God gives me joy and excitement for changes I can feel are coming. He has made me go beyond my expectations to see my heart dreams come true. I’m so excited about Shine that is coming up, and I will see where God wants me to go from there! As long as God wants me to be in Scotland, my dream is to help people here come to a full restoration of their own identity in Christ through revelation of His love. Being part of that is a great honour.”

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