Who Cares for the Broken?

Taylor DartA testimony from Taylor Dart on the link between DTS lecture phase and outreach phase, which leads into life! 

Q: What was the most fun lecture week for you?

A: I had the most fun during Father Heart of God week, with Micheal Montgomery! I loved seeing how the Holy Spirit was moving throughout the week. I also loved hearing the different prophecies given to people and how God’s heart was to show them his heart for them. I also got a prophetic word, and was able to understand better what God’s heart for me was. God told me that I am a woman of mercy, grace, compassion and integrity. He said I’d get the drug addicts, the broken hearted, the young mothers with their children, but that I would challenge the social norm by showing grace and compassion towards people society rejects. I had heard of prophecy before coming on DTS, but I’ve never had anyone give me a prophetic word like that before.


Q: Was there a time on outreach when you saw how this prophecy about you was true?

A: There was one time when we were coming back from a ministry and were waiting at a metro station we often went to. There were several homeless kids–including a young girl who had a child with her–who were ages 4 to about 13. They were all high, and are addicted to sniffing glue. The kids swarmed me and my teammates, wanting us to play with them. We played with them for a little, and after we left I remembered Micheal’s prophecy. It broke my heart to see those kids, but at the same time I realized that it was true that God has given me a heart of compassion and that I would attract those rejected by society.      


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